2.0L EcoBoost
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Oct 11, 2022
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2.0L EcoBoost
True the 5g interior wasn’t good. If you got the tremor I think it was acceptable. But yea I think sales show people weren’t loving the interior at all. That said 5g function probably best when considered pricing . CR rated better than tacoma which leads in sales .
5g functionality seemed/seems fantastic and I would not dispute the Ranger being the best bang for the buck "true" pickup out there (payload, tow, economy, price, capability, etc.). But the interior was already tired when it "debuted" in the US and went several years with hardly any updates. Interior design and features were fleet-vehicle feel even in Lariat trim.

The 6g update looks to have corrected it a to a good degree (still not ahead of the curve); if the design/ergo has improved across all trim levels and they have that portrait center stack with actual HVAC buttons like they do internationally (and in the Raptor pics above), then that's enough in my book for them to - maybe not knock it out of the park - but to at least have a solid success on their hands.

Solid upgrades would definitely include Sync4, ventilated seats, better cabin aesthetics and ergonomics (maybe not Maverick bronze and blue, but something other than cheap black materials everywhere), moonroof, and some smattering of bed utility features that are found in the Maverick and the F150. Those would make it stand out clear as day and stay ahead of/in competition with the Tacoma for several years to come.