One year & 7500 miles with my Maverick


2.0L EcoBoost
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Nov 1, 2021
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Random Lake Wisconsin
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2.0L EcoBoost
First I want to say my Maverick purchase it the happiest I have ever been with a motor vehicle. It has exceeded my expectations. I believe it to be part of the answer to Americas pickup truck problem. The only complaints are very minor, it does ride a bit 'truckier' than I thought it would, I'm guessing the awd with independent rear would be smoother, the black box below the rearview mirror is too low & creates a small blind spot, they could have skipped the rear pillars speakers & put the same speakers that are in the front doors in the rear ones too, which is what I thought it would have when I ordered it, the rear seat should be split or fold forward, the console cover could be an inch or 2 longer, & I am nitpicking here I would have put the mode selections in different order,(normal,eco,tow,sport,slippery), & the stock tires are a little light on tread depth.
The mpg of the EB is better than I thought, I haven't reset the #1 trip meter since new & it reads 29.8, which when hand calculated come out to 29.1 combined, this is with a heavy foot for the first couple months & a summer with a lot of ac use & a winter with lots of cold weather & more idle time, I have only towed a snowmobile & a large atv trailer, a couple times, more than enough power for that, speaking of power the EB has more than I anticipated, passing, accelerating is actually fun, it even layed down some respectable times at my one trip to the drag strip. The only things I have added so far are a bed & tailgate mat, strut bar, tailgate lettering, USB operated CD player which really brought out the capabilities of the stock sound system, I am planning on upgrading the door speakers at some point for even better sound. I really like the Area 51 color & so does everyone who has chatted with me about the Maverick, I really like the 'blue jean' interior & blue color of all the plastics, it matches the Area 51 perfectly. Most people have asked me if that's a new Ranger or an EV truck & when I tell them no it's a Maverick, never heard of it is the response, well now not only have you heard of it, but have seen one!
I was able to get a set of steelies for a bargain, they had 100 miles on stock Continental tires, so I have an extra set, for winter I was going to put some snows on the front but with climate change, snow in this part of Wisconsin is fairly rare, but I did put a pair on the front Continental brand tires that are very similar to the stock ones except they have many more sipes for grip & had the highest rating for wet which we have mostly in winter, these tires also start with a 12/32 tread depth, I had to drive in the snow about 1/2 dozen times & I had no trouble like all my other FWD cars, one time bucking foot high drifts with no problem. These tires also seem to be a good salt tire. (you will be sliding around on salt & it's residue around here far more than snow or ice). It took me a while to get the seat height right, as the up & down on these seats are a bit odd, but I am very comfortable & the ride height is perfect for me to get in & out without a cane. I have not had any of the 'gremlins' that others have spoke of, maybe I am just lucky & I find this vehicle to have a very quiet ride.
Ford hit a home run with someone on 2nd & 3rd with this truck, hopefully it will be as reliable as my last new Ford, going in for my second oil change in the morning. I'm sure I forgot something, but this post is long enough.