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Apr 12, 2022
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2.0L EcoBoost
Seems to me that by moving from hybrid to EB, you don't so much "lose your place in line" as move from a very long line at the most popular ride in Maverick Land (think "Disney Land" but with fewer rides and lacking adult leadership) to a much shorter line at a slightly less popular ride, but one that can handle twice as many people per "trip"...

I like that analogy because for some of us, we ONLY want to ride the hybrid, and we'd rather see the park close and have to get in line again the next day (model year) than settle for going on the other ride (Ecoboost).

Most of the people lined up for the Ecoboost ride are there because they really want to go on the Ecoboost ride. But some people are considering leaving the line for the Hybrid ride and getting into the Ecoboost ride line. They are doing so not necessarily because they really want to go on the Ecoboost ride, but because they see that line is shorter, and moving faster, and they want (or need) to ride something before the park closes, and they don't want to have to come back the next day (re-order for the next model year).

The analogy breaks down a bit because no matter which line you're in at "Maverick Land," you have no real idea where you are in the queue... (See earlier comment about "adult leadership"...)

It's more of a "mob scene" until you make it to the cordoned-off section (get your build date) and can finally see roughly where you are in line, and that you're probably going to get to ride...

Just my 3 cents worth. (Inflation and supply chain issues have raised the production cost for my silly ideas.)
Well said! I got a least a nickels worth of chuckles reading this.