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  1. Car and Driver thoughts on Ford Maverick pickup

    Yeah, I've got no idea about size. I want to think Ranchero but that was big front to back and wide. But think more Subaru Brat idea? Just don't know personally. Could I swap my Bronco for this? I wish I had an idea.
  2. Maverick Interior size speculation

    Unless they are talking about height?
  3. Car and Driver thoughts on Ford Maverick pickup 2022 Ford Maverick Could Be a True Compact Truck This unibody pickup, possibly arriving by the end of this year, should share components with the Bronco Sport crossover. The Ford Maverick will be a new compact pickup...
  4. Price point

    Saw a "newer" Ridgeline the other day. While I'm not a huge fan of it I can see the consumer for it. Assuming that the Mav slides in to fight for that market - just seems odd. Kind of thinking that I might "save" some money by buying the next incarnation of my first set of wheels rather than...
  5. Christmas

    May you and yours be happy and safe!
  6. Ford Maverick Unibody Fully Revealed!

    I wonder if there will be any traction/GOAT modes to this thing...
  7. Ford Maverick Unibody Fully Revealed!

    @North7 It was my first car. The 4 door, in GREEN. Since it is looking like this will be an MY22, part of me is thinking about waiting on the Bronco...
  8. Spied: Ford Maverick Interior First Look

    Does anyone think that this has "tuner" written all over it? Kind of like a Lightning Lite so to speak?