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  1. Hybrid Order Support Group

    Toll free number? I must have missed that.
  2. Hybrid Order Support Group

    Another week and Nothing but silence, 6/8/21 Red Pepper Lariat hybrid, Lux 360.
  3. 📢 OKTB Hybrid Maverick Date Confirmed = 12/8/21

    I have had my Maverick on order since June 8 and would like a OKTB (ok to build)! It is like they are not doing any Lariat Hybrid Lux, 360 pkg builds, very frustrating! You would have thought that Ford would have had everything done with the EPA before they started presenting this version to...
  4. EPA and Ford's process to getting EPA approval for Hybrid Maverick OKTB

    And FORD did not know this before now?
  5. MAVERICKS Are Arriving at Local Dealer

    Stopped by my local Ford Dealer here in Middle Tennessee and right in front of me were two Maverick Trucks. One was White (XL) and one Blue (XLT) with one other, some where at the dealership. The two I saw were sold and the sales person said the other one was still available. So, they are now...
  6. Lariat hybrid with Lux package, has anyone been scheduled?

    Lariat Hybrid, Lux Pkg, 360, Red Pepper, Confirmed order from Ford Jun 9 and have heard nothing about a build date or Vin number, BUMMER!
  7. Hybrid Order Support Group

    Hybrid Lariat with Lux Pkg and 360 still waiting for some news. Order confirmed by Ford on June 9. Was hoping that Oct would be build month but It looks like it will not happen, bummer!!
  8. Hybrid Order Support Group

    Red Pepper Lariat with the Lux Package and still waiting (order confirm second day ordering was open). I think things may be changing because they are now manufacturing the hybrid drive system now which they were not doing before.
  9. Update: Maverick eCVT hybrid transmissions have started production

    That depends on the surface area of the square vs round wire.
  10. Order or buy Dealer stock?

    With the Maverick being so new there is no way you are going to get a better deal. My guess is they will squeeze the customer as hard as they can.
  11. Maverick will get Ford's new Refresh95 advanced cabin air filter

    Problem with FORD OEM FILTERS is that they cost way too much!!! My Ranger filter was $35.00 as a replacement from FORD but I got one on line for less than $10.00. What is this one going to cost from FORD?
  12. Compelling choice for apartment dwellers!

    One of the videos I saw with the Ford chief engineer of the Maverick sort of hinted that a version of the Maverick will be all electric in the near future. I think that they wanted to get it out there for everybody, both electric/engine and engine before they have an all electric version.
  13. Which Mavericks builds / specs will deliver first?

    If you want a Teardrop try "Camp INN" as they make one great trailer. We had one before we had to go larger to accommodate more people.
  14. Interest in the Maverick is spreading

    Yesterday I was at my local convenience store talking to the owner about the Maverick and one guy joined into the conversation and said he heard that Ford was bringing out a new smaller pickup truck called Maverick. I said yes and was telling him about it and about the Maverick forum when about...
  15. Nashville/Knoxville Area Dealers

    Could you do the same for me? I have not made up my mind yet to pick it up in PA or locally. Like options, thanks.
  16. Nashville/Knoxville Area Dealers

    Was it a hassle to get a dealer to agree to do this?
  17. Electric heat?

    That does not sound logical to me.
  18. Renderings

    Tire Rack will have plenty of Cool Wheels for the Ranger when it comes out.