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  1. Oxford White Maverick Club

    I went from Oxford White > Carbonized Gray > Area51 > Oxford White. I too am done changing. I got tired of all the other available colors looking only good to me under specific lighting conditions - full sun. White always looks white, even if it screams “work truck white”. Should look classy...
  2. Why couldnt they call it a Courier instead?

    I’m petty, I would NOT have even ordered or considered this product as an option if it were called “Courier”. Yuck!
  3. 245/65R17 Toyo Open Country AT III tires installed + MPG results on Maverick XLT 2.0 AWD

    I’m curious to see how much clearance is remaining at full turn lock in each direction with the 245/65/17 sized tires. I’d be interested in adding splash guards.
  4. Fun Maverick Colors

    That's the ticket! This is the one I would choose. I agree, it crosses the daily driver, sport truck and offroad spectrum extremely well.
  5. Fun Maverick Colors

    I also always thought Stealth Gray was a nice color from the Focus RS a few years back. Could look neat on the Maverick as well.
  6. Fun Maverick Colors

    Yup, I'd be all over that color too. Of all the colors, I am really surprised Race Red wasn't in the color palette for 2022.
  7. Fun Maverick Colors

    I would have been all over that Grabber Blue color, especially on an ST trim.
  8. Ugh, on the fence again with respect to color and trim.

    I went from Oxford White to Carbonized Gray to Area51 and now back at Oxford White. I hope it gets scheduled soon so I can stop obsessing over it. Got tired of most of the other colors looking all different under different lighting conditions. So “work truck white” it is as it looks white in all...
  9. They are here....

    Dang, I’d like to see some photos of both of those Oxford White and Carbonized Gray Lariat FX4’s.
  10. FORD ACCESSORIES Parts & Website for 2022 Maverick Officially Launches 🚀

    Sign me up for that tailgate assist! Or someone get me the measurement to the strut. Lol. However, it may come with additional required mounting hardware.
  11. Hybrid Maverick orders will not be scheduled until further notice - per dealer bulletin

    Not interested in the Hybrid. Been there and did the midsize truck route. No thanks on that again as well. All the midsize trucks are not up to my standards. I also refuse to purchase fullsize. My ordered Maverick configuration is the best compromise to satisfy my needs and wants at this time.
  12. Hybrid Maverick orders will not be scheduled until further notice - per dealer bulletin

    That sucks, ... but at least that particular news doesn't affect my order. :ROFLMAO:
  13. Fighting over options with spouses?

    Nope. The Mrs. chooses her vehicle and options she wants that is within budget. I choose my vehicle and options the same way. Been there and done that with trying to sway certain options on her vehicles. “If you do/don’t want that option, buy one yourself”. Pretty simple. Happy wife, happy life. 🤣
  14. RAPID RED Maverick Club

    Too bad this color is limited to FE for MY2022 or I would have chosen it. Not a fan of the black roof on FE anyway.
  15. Frontier’s are starting to show up

    That was my thought too. To each their own though. My 2019 Tacoma 4x4 is rated at 18/22/20, and I would be lucky to get 18-19 MPG (summer), even on the highway for most combined tanks. That's driving like there is an eggshell under the gas pedal on fairly flat or slight gradient terrain...
  16. Frontier’s are starting to show up

    All I will say is good luck with the current midsize truck selection, even this so called "next generation" Frontier. They did exactly what Toyota did with the Tacoma in 2016. Took a chassis that started development back in 2000, warmed it over, and pushed it out as a new generation. The 3rd...
  17. Frontier’s are starting to show up

    It's nice to see Nissan "updated" the truck, but it's just another ho-hum after thought midsize truck. The whole midsize truck segment is such an after thought. I've extensively researched before purchasing a midsize truck and came to the conclusion that I will never own another one until they...
  18. FWD vs AWD in Snow?

    I'm in NY, about 90 miles and minuets North of NYC. We get our fair share of snow down here for sure. I daily drove my 2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan in the snow for 11 years before I retired it from winter duty back in 2018. I always ran dedicated winter tires from November through April. I had them...
  19. Pics: Maverick Bed Cap Topper (SnugTop) + seat covers + First Edition Maverick + Molded Splash Guards

    Looks to be the first, or at least one of the first, images I see of a Maverick with the Molded F/R Splash Guards. Looks good and as petty or crazy as it sounds, glad I didn't remove them from my order. I have time to wait to get spec'd exactly how I want,
  20. Alto Blue Lariat FX4 Maverick Trainer Pics. Lots of Measurements / Dimensions Taken

    Can confirm. Yup, this is a well known issue with the online configurator.