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  1. Attaching Maverick badging - glue / tape?

    It’s what the factories use to apply trim.
  2. Motor Trend Maverick Hybrid First Test Review: Thrifty, Awesome Fun

    You are correct about the relative differences in suspension systems. The way Ford tunes the torsion beam may bring the performance results a little closer. Where you nailed it was your comment on tires, they can make a huge difference.
  3. Can you put 17" Tires & Wheels on a Hybrid ?

    Tire Rack now has Maverick wheels up on their site
  4. Ford Letter to Hybrid Order Holders -- nearly sold out for 2022 + free FITS Accessory Kit

    I ordered June 21 and I have no production date, December or otherwise. My guess is February or March earliest.
  5. Good locations to mount aftermarket switches?

    How about right under the light switches. That area is open unless you have 4K towing, because the trailer brake switches are there (although there might be a little space next to those).
  6. Custom LED Headlights on 2022 Maverick XL / XLT

    For those not in the know would you please define “switchback “. Also since you are a Diode Dynamics dealer and have had the front bumper off, can flush mount SS3 fog light pods fit in the lower bumper? Also, since Ford says in the owners manual that hooking wiring to the battery terminals can...
  7. Speaker Sizes for non B&0?

    Pretty sure that’s the size of the box it’s packed in, including internal packing materials like styrofoam.
  8. No Trunk Anxiety

    Thanks for the tip on Instacrates
  9. No Trunk Anxiety

    Or use a 2x6 in the appropriate FlexBed slot.
  10. Not "Boomer" friendly... no Sirius XM, no CD player

    Just downloaded HereWeGo app, thanks for the tip! I’m a Boomer too.
  11. My First Truck - Wheels & Tires Questions (sorry - Newbe)

    There are already forum posts by members who have received their trucks. The majority are Ecoboost not hybrid, but there are photos of the Maverick on more aggressive tires and wheels without a lift that may give you a possible idea of the stance you are looking for. Any more aggressive tire...
  12. Maverick smaller than Explorer Sport Trac

    Maverick is substantially lighter than the Sport Trac too. Maverick 3550 - 3750 Sport Trac 4583
  13. Hybrid power, how does it feel?

    Sorry, but I don’t consider 0-60 in 8 to 8.5 seconds, sluggish.
  14. Hybrid power, how does it feel?

    The Tiger was sweet! The development work shoehorning the Ford V8 into a Sunbeam Alpine was done by Shelby American.
  15. Hybrid power, how does it feel?

    I forgot to mention that the Chrysler got 13 mpg!
  16. Hybrid power, how does it feel?

    We are so spoiled that we don’t think the Hybrid will have any power. Just got done reading an article in Hemmings Classic Car on the 1960 Chrysler 300F; 375 hp and 495 lb-ft of torque. At the time Motor Trend clocked 0-60 at 8.3 seconds, pretty much the same as the recent Maverick test videos...
  17. Backup Camera/Tailgate Down

    Thought about that but the plate is offset.