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  1. Another FX4 on 245/65/17s

  2. Another FX4 on 245/65/17s

    Where do you find your tires?
  3. Big day today.. my truck arrived

    Very nice!! That blue is amazing.
  4. Maverick Memes - fun diversion while we wait [ ** NO POLITICS ** ]

    When you need a few days off to pick up your Maverick and install some extras.
  5. Tailgate spoiler install!

    Most of the time, I do not know what you are talking about in your videos, but I like your passion with YOUR build;)
  6. 17" or 18" for my application?

    Have you consider powder coating the wheels all black? You know the wheels will fit 100% with what you have and the cost is $150 per tire.
  7. Fancy shoes: Falken Wildpeak AT 265/60R18 + 18" Black Rhino Arches Wheels on Maverick XL FWD

    I thought we were pushing it with 245s, but your set up took it to another level. Amazing! Looks aggressive.
  8. Fancy shoes: Falken Wildpeak AT 265/60R18 + 18" Black Rhino Arches Wheels on Maverick XL FWD

    Nice looking truck. Did you purchase the truck with upgrades or did you request the dealer to add them? Looks really good and REALLY makes the XL stand out.
  9. HOT PEPPER RED Maverick Club

    Is that a velocity blue Ranger Fx4 and you have Maverick Fx4 in HPR? I need a minute
  10. Maverick Accessories best prices?

    Next day delivery for tires. Was not REALLY expecting that and prepared for a delay.
  11. Maverick Accessories best prices?

    Yes. Send him an email of exactly what you want, and he will give you a discount price. Ordered some Toyo tires and Fed ex shipping was the next day.
  12. Viair 88p compressor

    Looks good. Does it come with a power cord to plug into the bed leads?
  13. I Gave Up

    If it works for you and your budget, why not? Enjoy your new ride!!!
  14. What Are Y'all Doing About Window Tint

    Aftermarket. I will have the front two windows matched to the rear windows.
  15. I Gave Up

    Very nice. Damn it is good to have choices.
  16. Saw AutoNation Frisco with lariat

    Wow! That build is loaded!!