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  1. Hitch receiver and 4 prong plug

    It is frustrating. In a normal world (not the one we currently live in), a trip to the Parts Department at your friendly Ford dealer would likely answer your questions. Or you could find info online. In the Ford accessories thread (26) Ford Accessories list for 2022 Ford Maverick - available...
  2. Should I be content with MSRP?

    The trend is not your friend. Paying Maverick MSRP is current new normal - for ordered (not in-stock) vehicles. Overall average (all vehicle sales) is slightly above MSRP which is mind-boggling. Dealers are selling less inventory but making bank on what they do sell. A good time to be a dealer...
  3. No Maverick commercials?

    Why spend advertising dollars on a low margin product like the Maverick that's already wildly popular (thanks in part to this site which is free advertising for Ford)? Their advert dollars go primarily to their cash cow the F150 in particular/F-Series in general with a much higher margin (from...
  4. Uneven tailgate cables

    It's not unusual at all for truck tailgates from any manufacturer. Do the sit/stand test on tailgate. Swapping cables as noted above solved the problem on 2 trucks I've owned. On another, adding a 100 lbs or so load to tailgate evened out the cable tension enough so it wasn't a problem. If you...
  5. Toung weight capacity?

    Hitch receiver weight capacity is 400 lbs. I wouldn't sweat being a little over.
  6. MSRP inflated during Chip Shortage?

    Google it. One result: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) Definition (
  7. Tonneau covers - trifold vs hard roll up?

    I'm a Truxedo Lo Pro fan (F150's and F250) so can't comment on hard top options.
  8. Exhausted by dealers

    You solicited advice so you're going to get it. Taking you literally, you don't NEED a new purchase due to existing vehicle accident etc., you WANT to purchase. Some discipline and patience can save you some money. But if you really must scratch that itch to buy a Maverick now, it's your money...
  9. New Ecoboost Owners + Engine Cover

    I assume you've already looked through this thread: (18) Who's going to find out which engine covers fit the 2.0L engine | - 2022+ Ford Maverick Pickup Forum, News, Info
  10. AWD and FX4

    I'm with you Nandark, the way Ford's worded it almost seems to say "yeah plain AWD is kinda/sorta ok but with FX4 you get REAL AWD". That's not true but it read strange to me. For grins I looked at the 2021 Escape owners manual (Escape comes with AWD as an option too) to see what they said...
  11. Motorcycle carrier suggestions

    Don't use a hitch-mounted carrier, too much weight. 400# is max. "rating" from Ford, could probably get by with a little more, but why risk it? From 2022 Tow Guide: Get a smallish utility trailer at Northern Tool, Tractor Supply, Lowes, etc. For just the bike, won't need one with trailer...
  12. Extended Warranty or not?

    Depends a lot on how long you actually end up keeping your Maverick. What I would do (and have done): 1. Shop online for Ford ESP Premium Care plans. Flood Ford, Zeigler, others all have sites where you can do this. 2. Figure out what level of coverage you want - what deductible amount, how many...
  13. Soft paint? Rock chips after 400 miles

    If you have the time I'd take it back to All Star in Baton Rouge, state your case, at least get it on record about what's happening. No guarantee they'll be accommodating but can't hurt. Ask about making a claim with FoMoCo, at least that way you'll get a formal response from Ford on them either...
  14. 2.0 AWD Real World MPG???

    They don't call it the "Lie-O-Meter" for nothing. Do a full tank gas-up, drive a couple hundred miles, do another full tank gas-up, divide # miles driven by gallons pumped on 2nd gas-up. Be armed with hard data when you do finally see a dealer.
  15. 2022 Ford (Maverick) Towing Guide With Tow Capability Calculator

    ...........and already I see that it appears to be a little "buggy". -it says Unsure what a term means? Simply hover your cursor over the term for a definition. Tried that but didn't work for me. -the Step 2 "Calculate Payload Weight" doesn't have a way to input your assumed trailer tongue...
  16. FX4 also has 3.81 gears - same as 4K Towing? Crazy theory?

    If you get the 2.0 EB AWD with FX4 (but not with 4K Tow Package) it will have a 3.63 final drive ratio, not a 3.81.
  17. 2022 Ford (Maverick) Towing Guide With Tow Capability Calculator

    Well well well.....the new (not preliminary) Ford 2022 Towing Guide is out. 2022 Ford RV & Trailer Towing Guide Maverick info same as the prelim. version earlier this year. New for 2022 - Ford finally got smart and now shows a "Trailer Towing Capability Calculator in the 2022 Guide (first...
  18. Towing – SAE J2807, Ratings, Equipment, Frontal Area, Experiments

    Recently read this thread (14) Maverick Towing Test / Review (without 4K tow package) and my thoughts after a few days of owing | - 2022+ Ford Maverick Pickup Forum, News, Info about what kind of tow ratings people think a 2.0 EB AWD with FX4 option should have. An...
  19. Took delivery this evening!

    Gotcha. Sorry to hear about your damage. I'm a little east of you in Covington, had generally minor home damage, my appraised damage value was under my named-storm deductible.
  20. Took delivery this evening!

    Question on the A-Plan pricing you got due to Ida (i.e. the local Ford Ida incentive) - did you have an insurance claim on another vehicle to be able to get this, or were you able to get it even if you didn't have an Ida vehicle insurance claim?