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  1. Speed bump clunk

    I used to love flying over speed bumps in my Silverado. I don't think the Maverick is that kind of truck. Perhaps slow down.
  2. Locked in my price with a PURCHASE AGREEMENT today vs the PREVIEW ORDER - AVOID ADM fees.

    How exactly did you put it to them? "I think you're a bunch of scammers and I demand a signed purchase order!"
  3. Anyone have a dealer try to buy out their ordered truck?

    You would 100% need to have a signed purchase order at MSRP in hand for this to happen. Otherwise the dealer might just pull the sudden markup trick like we've seen on the Broncos.
  4. paranoia

    I don't plan on paying over MSRP. But I have not been smart enough to go to the dealer and get a signed purchase order yet.
  5. paranoia

    If you got the FITS email then Ford has your order with your name on it. Go back to being paranoid about the dealership screwing you on the price at the last minute lol
  6. How much do you think we can sell our hybrids for?

    Yeah, for a Bronco. I love the Maverick, but I don't think that there are going to be nearly as many emotional purchasers who will pay way over sticker for this truck.
  7. Does This X-Plan Price Look Right?

    It is, but then they add an administration fee onto it that brings it back close to invoice. The big savings is the limit on the dealer documentation fee. That saves a ton
  8. Does This X-Plan Price Look Right?

    Yup, X Plan is roughly an invoice deal.
  9. How much do you think we can sell our hybrids for?

    Well it has to be more than the out the door total price you paid including sales tax, registration and fees.
  10. Creative Ideas for Screen Side Storage

    A phone holder.
  11. Proposed Purchase Contract

    Yeah, a contract has to get signed by both sides
  12. Proposed Purchase Contract

    As long as you sign it AND the dealer signs it, then you've got an official pricing contract. If they sign an itemized purchase contract with you, then that's it. It's a contract. You can have them add on there, "This vehicle will be sold at MSRP, no additional dealer markup" if you want.
  13. NO SiriusXM free trial

    They are pretty easy about the pricing. I call up once a year and simply say "I saw the promo on your website and I'd like that applied to my account" and they just do it. Otherwise you're paying like $22/month They've got a 3 months for $1 promo for the streaming for new subscribers.
  14. Difference in the XLT radio and the Lariat radio?

    The XLT radio does NOT have satellite radio, but the Lariat does
  15. FITs accessories for sale?

    Just wait a few months. All us hybrid buyers are about to get some free FITS accessories that some will probably want to just sell.
  16. Painting XLT Wheels Black?

    It would be cheaper and probably last better to just buy a new set of black wheels
  17. Vulnerable Bed Paint

    Maybe some heavy duty black outdoor tape? Or you can buy that 3M paint protectant film on eBay and apply it there
  18. Has anyone received or tried to order Fender Flares

    I'm interested in the fender flares, but I am not purchasing any accessories until the Maverick is sitting in my driveway.
  19. Interactive Garage now has Maverick for virtual modding / customizing

    Hard to tell if those cross bars on the roof rack hang over the side of the truck. The Maverick roof is low enough than some drivers might bash their head into the roof rack