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  1. Bed cubby install? (updated)

    I just got a second bed cubby for my xlt. The install should be strait forward. My only issue is when the spray in liner was installed they sprayed over the tie downs... How can I take out the tie down without ruining the spray in liner? Update.... Cubby installed!! Used a razor and cut...
  2. Anyone install Ford Liner Load Compartment Mat ?

    Anyone recently get the Ford bed mat ? Does it now have the cutouts...
  3. Hybrid deep sleep warning

    Have had my hybrid XLT for one week. Just got the dreaded deep sleep warning this morning... Drove it to Costco and HomeDepot after that without an issue. Should I be worried? I bought a jump starter today to be on the safe side. Should I remove my truck from Ford pass and turn off wifi?
  4. I got the call!

    Yesterday I contacted Ford chat like I do every week to check on delivery date. Once again they pushed the date until next week saying it was still at the ramp.. To my surprise just after 4:00 I get a call from the sales manager at my dealer saying my Maverick came in! Its in the shop getting...
  5. Another shipping thread...

    Just talked to Ford via the Ford chat and they said my Maverick is at Ramp 41 in Newark NJ. That's only about 4 hours from me. They said estimated time to dealer is July 6th-12th. I wouldn't think it would take a month to go 4 hours.
  6. I'm shocked!

    Just got done with my weekly online chat with Ford. The difference this time was they said I'm in order processing with a scheduled for production week of 5/9/22 and gave me my VIN number!! Looks like I will be seeing my Maverick sometime in June! That will put it 11 months from order to delivery.
  7. Changed to an XLT in October

    I originally ordered an xl hybrid in July. I changed to an xlt hybrid on October 22nd. Does that mean my order date changes to October 22nd even though my order number stayed the same?
  8. Just called Ford for an update on my order

    Just got off the phone with Ford to check on my hybrid XL order. The person I talked to was very informative and the first thing she said is that they have been seeing the hybrids get up to 50 mpg. Also she listed the current constraints/late availability items. The spray in liner and hard...
  9. All weather floor liners?

    Dose the all weather floor liner option come with front and rear liners or are they just for the front?