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  1. Yet More Maverick Test Drive Review Videos - Hybrid & EcoBoost

    I initially thought it had a CVT and that scared the crap out of me until I did my research. And found out that it was actually an ecvt. It's still brand new compared to other transmissions on the market but theoretically it should be better. Then again, theoretically, CVT's should have been better
  2. 1227.7 Miles - An Unbiased Maverick Lariat Owner's Review

    That was a super detailed review. I have a hybrid on order but reading this let me know some of the things to watch for, to complain about, and to give kudos to.
  3. Maverick on Aftermarket 17x8" Fifteen52 Metrix MX Bronze Wheels and 245/65/17 BFG Trail Terrain Tires

    Damn that looks sharp. I can barely afford the truck payments, I don't think I'll be doing anything that nice. Are you going to put a grill on it?
  4. Shadow Black XL Delivered and Mods Installed: Window Air Deflectors + Tailgate Assist Struts

    Odd. Mine has a light that turns on if the motor gets too hot. Luckily I avoided one with the CVT transmission.
  5. Shadow Black XL Delivered and Mods Installed: Window Air Deflectors + Tailgate Assist Struts

    Great pictures of the dash. I'm happy to see there's a temperature gauge. Nissan didn't see fit to put one in their Nissan versas. 🤣
  6. 📬 10/7 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    I have no expectation since I ordered a hybrid, but honestly I'm not in a hurry. It could take 6 more months and I'd be okay with it. Just more time for me to save up money and make sure my finances are secure.
  7. Maverick surpasses 100k reservations!

    I made a reservation with one dealership but they were slow to respond so I made an order at another dealership.
  8. 2022 Maverick bed length with tailgate down = 78 3/4” - 79" Inches (Tape Measured Dimension)

    How recently was that tape measure certified by the department of weights and measures? The calibration of some tape measures is off.
  9. What are you trading in / selling for your Maverick??

    After I get the Ford maverick, I'll sell my 2012 Nissan versa hatchback. I've had it for about 4 years and it's been great. I was just starting to look for a small SUV to upgrade to when I heard about the Ford maverick. In fact I test drove a Ford escape just a week before finding out about the...
  10. 📈 Our 2022 Maverick Order Stats / Take Rates After 1K+ Submissions

    A sunroof was super tempting for me. But I'm already at 26k before taxes.... And Kansas taxes aren't very nice.