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  1. Creative Ideas for Screen Side Storage

    I would mount it in the dash just like a real switch, NOT just lay it in the cubby like a remote or anything. I know the Homelink in my Lexus is always active, so what is the difference? I can leave the keys in the house and open the car door and hit the button on the mirror and it opens or...
  2. Items left off the Maverick from the factory.

    At least the Dealer owned up to dropping the ball. Hopefully it won't take long to get everything. Also I hope they included everything in the original price you paid. It would be hell to have to pay more after the fact.
  3. Creative Ideas for Screen Side Storage

    THANKS. The second one may fit in the hole better. The first appears to be too wide. Couldn't find the measurements with a quick look. Appreciate you posting these.
  4. Creative Ideas for Screen Side Storage

    Saw it at Crutchfield.
  5. Uneven tailgate cables

    Houston, we have a problem. You've heard of Watergate? We have Tailgate, the uneven and unlevel tally wager. Hahahaha.
  6. Creative Ideas for Screen Side Storage

    I think you just found the HOLY GRAIL for the Ford Maverick. Everybody has been talking about the Homelink Mirror and swapping them out. This may be the secret. (Info @Delzona )
  7. LED Bulb Options for Backup Bulb WT21W

    I got this response:
  8. Murray Ford in Starke, FL Just confirmed! No Added Market Adjustment

    Thanks for the info. I live in Crystal River. I placed an order locally on 10 June and never heard from the dealer again. I emailed and no response. Called and he was always off. So I canceled the order and went through Chapman up in Horsham PA for 4% Below Invoice on 22 July. But I did not know...
  9. LED Bulb Options for Backup Bulb WT21W

    @CLH917 We are talking about the 2 white lights at the top of the cab where the 3rd brake light is, right? Do you know the Bulb Number? I saw on the web link the numbers 912 921. So I'm guessing that is what they are. Were they plug and play like the back-ups were?
  10. Murray Ford in Starke, FL Just confirmed! No Added Market Adjustment

    My Apologies @Bsimps I thought you had used Murray Ford in Starke. My Bad. What did Sam Galloway Ford get for in Fees? Everywhere in Florida I've asked they want crazy money for Dealer Fees plus mark-up over MSRP. I have an order but I don't think I'll ever get scheduled. Thinking about getting...
  11. LED Bulb Options for Backup Bulb WT21W

    I thought they were LED's already, NO??? What did you get to put in there? Share a link?
  12. BakFlip MX4 with Ford Bed Extender - Yes, they work together (pics + video)

    Great video. Thanks. I felt I had absolutely no need for the Extender. Seeing it extended and then stored, I liked it. Appreciate the post.
  13. Hood Shake

    Great video. It would have helped if you could have dropped the camera down a little to see the speedo to see the MPH you were going. Evidence so to speak when you show it to Ford. Just sayin'.
  14. Tailgate Assist hydraulic struts installed and in action on 2022 Maverick bed [video]

    I don't believe he has one. I think the White truck is his. The Top Picture is a stock photo put there by the Admin or system. Just my read on it.
  15. Murray Ford in Starke, FL Just confirmed! No Added Market Adjustment

    Hmmm, just called them Wednesday afternoon. They told me and @James L. Harrison it was MSRP PLUS $895 Dealer Fee. He also swore to be damned they were not and have not built a single Hybrid. I have an order at Chapman but I don't think I'll ever see it. They have ordered over 400 and their...
  16. Top Tier vs Ethanol free gas?

    I've said it in another thread. I was using 87 octane in my Toyota Avalon Hybrid and was consistently getting 38MPH and Window Sticker said AVG MPG was 43 MPG. Friend had same car and said run ethanol free to get better mileage so I did. After 3 tanks I have consistently been getting 44 MPG. Got...
  17. Tailgate spoiler install!

    Video dropped out at 7:07. Didn't get to see it finished.
  18. 17" or 18" for my application?

    I like Discount Tire because they offer 10% Military discounts. But they don't provide the extra stuff (lug nuts and rings) like Tire Rack does. Tire Rack has the Maverick listed but there must be issues because a lot don't offer the 5x108 bolt pattern. But they send the lug nuts and stuff. Not...