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  1. Front AND Rear Splash Guards installed (part numbers included)

    might noe hold up tosnow and ice build up in the north
  2. Katzkin leather seat upgrade

    have a velocity blue on order,would like a blue combo something like this
  3. Any Canadians with Hybrid build dates?

    not sure
  4. Wheres everyone in The Great White North?

    In Moncton area also, when did you order your hybrid? did you order from Taylor ford?
  5. Any Canadians with Hybrid build dates?

    Thats pretty much the jist of it,we only get updated through dealer on production/build/delivery. Since you have a Nov 08 build date it should be built pretty much on target date,also delivery can take 3 - 4 weeks by rail.Keep in mind I think we are going to have to wait on EPA numbers before...
  6. Any Canadians with Hybrid build dates?

    no just went on what he said,dont want to dig too deep then be dissapointed
  7. Any Canadians with Hybrid build dates?

    Check with your dealers folks ordered mine Sept 10/21, well today was told xlt velocity blue hybrid has production date Nov 29 th. Staying with what others indicated it seems dealerships with better allocations are getting products quicker
  8. 📬 10/14 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails Arriving!]

    We dont have tracking system here in Canada and have to go by what dealer tells us,but was informed today that my XLT velocity blue hybrid mav order placed sept 10/21 scheduled for production nov 29 th
  9. Mav / Honda Ridgeline comparison pic

    Just got a Mav in here in Moncton Newbrunswick Canada.The ridgeline is a little higher and longer
  10. 📢 OKTB Hybrid Maverick Date Confirmed = 12/8/21

    I dont think the mpg will dip,if anything maybe a few miles better
  11. Any Canadians with Hybrid build dates?

    There was another post on this,but dont think anyone has one yet,too bad we cant track like US based customers
  12. Anyone planning to remove their spare ?

    Yes may take off,with roadside assistance and the fact that I carry the full tire repair/inflation kit
  13. 1227.7 Miles - An Unbiased Maverick Lariat Owner's Review

    Excellent review accompanied by some nice pic,Tks!!
  14. Reviewer got 51 MPG from hypermilling the hybrid Maverick

    and this is like 95% of my driving,use the scoot for everything else
  15. Reviewer got 51 MPG from hypermilling the hybrid Maverick

    well I drive about 6 miles a day all under 35 mph so I hope to hit the better end of the mpg scale
  16. Theory on why the hybrid is now the base model

    Less moving parts,Hybrid is cheaper to build.
  17. Greediest Maverick Dealerships in the US - ADM Markup List

    I suspect the same,with the sales of the hybrid killing the eco boost Im sure there is going to be some price adjustments along with mark up