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  1. Order confirmed email from Ford

    I got mine the same day I placed my order…. If you'd have searched you would have found about a million threads asking the same question.
  2. paranoia

    Quit being so paranoid and get back to posting memes!!! The men in black suits are keeping an eye on you….
  3. Weird Issue with Digital Speedometer Location. Possible to move?

    If you look at about 8:18 into the video it moves from the center to the right die when he turns on the cruise control…..
  4. Arrrgh..originally scheduled for 10/11....I may cry...

    Dealership just let me know my Maverick build date is November 8th!!!
  5. Took delivery today

    Pictures or it didn't happen!!!
  6. Ford Accesory Maverick All Weather Mats / Liners installed

    Looks like the OEM ones will work fine for me…
  7. Just picked up my FX4 Lariat this morning! Highly recommend Walnut Creek Ford if you’re in the area.

    I’m sure it’s like every other car with rotary dial , once you are moving turning the shifter dial does nothing. I tried it I my Ram and also in our work cars…. Nothing happens, keeps idiots safe!!!
  8. Plastic lumber divider in Maverick Flexbed installed [length = 54 1/4 inches]!

    Standard 2” x 8” and a small can of roll on bed liner has worked fine for me for almost 10 years.
  9. Not "Boomer" friendly... no Sirius XM, no CD player

    My Maverick is on constraint hold due to the shortage of 8 track players….
  10. Uneven tailgate cables

    It will be fine, my ram has the same difference and it’s been fine for the last 7 years….