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  1. Ford Letter to Hybrid Order Holders -- nearly sold out for 2022 + free FITS Accessory Kit

    Got my FITS email at 4:02 pm this afternoon. Ordered 7/9.
  2. Conflicting Plant Restrictions ... What does that mean?

    “I sure hope things are out of the woods next year at this time. In fact,I hope I'm here at this time next year. Wife just bought a new frying pan at Penny's. ” Have you not seen Rapunzel?
  3. Plastic lumber divider in Maverick Flexbed installed [length = 54 1/4 inches]!

    Home Depot has them but I only found them by the box…I imagine they also sell by the piece.
  4. FX4 tow hook install on NON FX4 Package Maverick - doesn't fit [VIDEO]

    Can y’all help me understand…. I want to flat tow my Mav behind my RV, the hybrid is cleared to do this per the owners manual. Question: does this tow hook situation described in the video (thanks for posting it!) have any effect on me being able to put the tow bar plate (once the...
  5. What's wrong with antenna on the roof?

    I need that mast antenna for these beauties. Otherwise, how will I know what season we’re in????
  6. College Football

  7. How long do you keep your vehicles?

    i drive them until I can’t trust them anymore. First car 11 years Second car 19 years current car is 23 years old (overlaps time with 2nd car) and I still love it…keeping it even after I get my Mav
  8. Ladies with Mavericks

    Currently driving a 23 year old MB SLK 230 that I’ve had since new and it’s my dream car. I love it and it’s not going anywhere, just want her to go back to being a “sunny day only car.” 🤣 I ordered a Maverick because it checks several boxes for what I want/need- good gas mileage(hybrid), fits...
  9. Slow start on Maverick order

    I went thru Tom at Horsham Ford in Penn, 4% under dealer INVOICE then arranged for a courtesy delivery locally. Tom made things so easy. Do a search on here for courtesy delivery for more info.
  10. Girl Truck?

    I’m a woman who also will be using the Mav as a “toad” vehicle behind my E350 class c rv…in addition to HD and landscaping runs. Area 51 because blue is my favorite color but is lighter so helps with heat in Georgia. To me, the Mav is what you’d get if you washed an F150 in hot water then...
  11. Anyone interested in trading XLT wheels for Lariat wheels?

    Thanks all. I did not phrase my question clearly… if the diameter difference is one inch (17 vs 18) then it sounds like my Lariat Mav would be a smidge higher clearance from the ground to the lowest part of the truck. Right? Peach
  12. Anyone interested in trading XLT wheels for Lariat wheels?

    Hope you don’t mind if I hijack your thread for a tire related question… would an 18” tire mean my Maverick would gain an inch clearance over having a 17” tire?
  13. Courtesy delivery in Atlanta metro area $250

    i worked with Tom first and then called Andrew later to work out the CD and get MOG’s store delivery code.
  14. Where would you place a new order today?

    In metro Atl, I also went with Tom at Chapman with a CD to Mall of Ga Ford for $250.
  15. Anyone reconsidering their order / purchase?

    I’m in Atl metro and ordered thru Tom at Chapman and am using Mall of Ga Ford as the CD at $250. Contact Andrew Mullenix for the cd setup.
  16. Confessions: Wild ideas and inane questions. What’s yours?

    OP, I hear ya! I have a 23 year old SLK 230, owned since new so I am really excited about my new Mav hybrid. My SLK isn’t going anywhere tho, she’s my baby! My Mav isn’t even on the build radar but I’m already spending hours trying to work on fitting her into my garage. Lawn mower, recycle...
  17. Looking for dealer in GA, AL, SC, or TN for Maverick

    I’m in metro Atlanta and ordered thru Tom Borah at Chapman of Horsham in Penn. got a $250 courtesy delivery thru Andrew Mullenix at Mall of Ga Ford.
  18. So, you've ordered. Do you have concerns?

    Can an under hood pad be added aftermarket?