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  1. Video: 2022 Ford Maverick Assembly & Production Line @ Factory – Stamping, Paint, Final Assembly 👷🏼‍♂️

    Very organized, clean assembly plant and not what I expected. I have faith that a reliable truck is leaving that plant.
  2. Buschur's got a 2022 Maverick! 2.0 Dyno Results / Numbers, MPG, and Review!

    Love that you put it on a dyno. I went to your website Buschur Racing, and I thought you were a customer of ours as the name seemed familiar. Checked our records and didn’t see your name. Any ideas for an oil catch can?
  3. painting calipers red with black rims.

    Personally, I think painted calipers look best when it’s on a legitimate full-floating forged/billet 4+ piston caliper.
  4. FX4 Skid plates and oil changes.

    Maybe someone with a 3D printer could make some kind of a diverter that locates in those notches in the plastic trim.
  5. FX4 Skid plates and oil changes.

    I don’t mind removing the panels for access, but that oil drain plugs location relative to the skid plate makes me cringe and I hope it’s just an optical illusion. I can already see the oil draining onto the skid plate then dripping down into my drain pan. Please tell me I’m wrong 😑
  6. Front AND Rear Splash Guards installed (part numbers included)

    There isn’t a rear wheel well liner? Hard to tell from the photos.
  7. Weird Issue with Digital Speedometer Location. Possible to move?

    I see what you did there…..
  8. Weird Issue with Digital Speedometer Location. Possible to move?

    It looks centered in your picture 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. Oil Catch Can

    If they use OEM fittings, it’s a winner. I hope they release a kit soon.
  10. 2.0 AWD Real World MPG???

    I’d be ticked if my custom ordered truck had 22 miles already on it.
  11. How much longer!!!????

    Dude, there are people who had confirmed orders in early June 2021 who haven’t gotten a Schedule date yet. Ask how THEY feel.
  12. No Trunk Anxiety

    If you add a tool box to your bed you’d have what? Two feet left of bed space? Not only that, the most effective way to thwart theft other removing valuables is to keep them out of sight. A hard, locking tonneau cover a achieves this and most are easily removed if you need to load up your bikes...
  13. Anyone planning to remove their spare ?

    I’ve never owned a new car that came with an air compressor. Though the Maverick PR team touts that an owner can instal one in the bed cubby, I’d wager the vast majority of owners never will and roll with an inflated spare tire. It’s there for a reason.
  14. Anyone planning to remove their spare ?

    I have successfully used plugs for many years and if used with a quality rubber cement, will last the life of the tire. Only issue with your post is that not everyone will have an on board air compressor or an air tank to refill a flat tire.
  15. One of these is not like the others ....

    Center caps for the wheels
  16. 235/65 Toyo Open Country AT3 tires installed on XLT FX4 Maverick + new non-red FX4 decal

    Now this all makes sense. I could’ve swore I opted for the 235’s during the Build but it never showed on the email I got from Ford. I have an Fx4 w/ Tow pkg Lariat coming and I’ll be trading those neutered Pirelli’s for those Toyo’s in 235. Snow and ice can get bad up here in Colorado. Thanks...
  17. Aftermarket locking differential for hybrid Maverick?

    Hybrid FWD with a locker? Why not go all the way with a 5” lift kit, 15” bead lock wheels, on board air compressor to air the tires back up, a Warne winch and a roll bar in case you roll it over while keeping up with the Wrangler Rubicons?…….