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  1. Front AND Rear Splash Guards installed (part numbers included)

    Did you do it yourself ?
  2. BakFlip MX4 with Ford Bed Extender - Yes, they work together (pics + video)

    So your bakflip water tub goes inside the bed ? Everything must get wet then....
  3. Painted tow hooks red to match FX4 sticker

    Love it, will do the same
  4. I’m Stuck—Hybrid or Turbo AWD?

    Yup hybrid, that way you can save up for a bigger down payment, imagine how much $ you can save by waiting until August 2022.
  5. EPA and Ford's process to getting EPA approval for Hybrid Maverick OKTB

    message me next summer when you get your hybrid bud
  6. EPA and Ford's process to getting EPA approval for Hybrid Maverick OKTB

    IMO, Ford wants the EPA to take their sweet time on the ratings, the hybrid standard was a total failure, they make more money on the ecoboost, the 20k price tag was to attract people then people would choose the Ecoboost ( pay more ) over the hybrid, that did not go as plan, so they want you to...
  7. Anyone in Connecticut with a build date?

    11-1, NH/MA
  8. More delays. My 2.0 production pushed back one week.

    Same here moved up a week
  9. ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    Im on the fence if i should buy yours or the soft one
  10. ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    So no water at all got in on that rain ?
  11. ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    Which bed cover is that ? Thx
  12. Picked up my Cactus Gray Lariat AWD FX4 Fully Optioned

    Your tires are made in brazil right ?
  13. Oxford White Maverick Club

    Not really, blacked out mirrows would go nice with front tint windows, that would black out the whole top part.