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  1. Saw some transport damage on Maverick on dealer lot

    Bommarito Ford. Hazlewood
  2. Saw some transport damage on Maverick on dealer lot

    Actually my current truck also had transporter damage. It is a 2005 Silverado, and to this day you can not tell the top was repainted. I am sure it happens regularly. and this was a retail truck, just saying hopefully it does not happen to mine. but it is what it is.
  3. Saw some transport damage on Maverick on dealer lot

    I was over in St. Louis yesterday and though I would run by the nearest Ford Dealer to see by chance do they have any Mavericks in stock, and they did (2) both were marked retail, but one was marked sold. As I started to look over the second unit (they were not parked near each other) I notice a...
  4. Will this be your first Ford Maverick?

    My Grandfather purchased new 1972 base Maverick, Brown, with Brown Interior, then my dad started driving it after my grandfather could not drive any more, I learned to drive in that car.
  5. Before Maverick, what were you looking at?

    Honda Ridgeline. but was struggling with the price, then I realized I could save about 5K and purchase a Maverick
  6. Has anyone had Covid? [Admin Warning: NO POLITICS]

    Chin up buddy, you will be good go go in a few days!!
  7. 📫 9/2 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    congrats! I have a very similar order, and also confirmed on 7/22, Fingers crossed.
  8. Co-pilot360 worth the price?

    I did The same, ordered a XLT without 360, then went back and added it
  9. 📫 8/12 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    Agree, I also have a Oxford White on order
  10. 📫 8/12 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    At 11: 17 am Central Time got an e-mail from ford, just about wet my pants. Ford sent out a e-mail wanting me to preorder a new 150 Lighting. what a let down.
  11. Standard XLT Radio - is it Sirius/XM ready?

    Thanks, that's what i will have to do. just gota get me Daughter to show me
  12. Standard XLT Radio - is it Sirius/XM ready?

    Thanks for looking in to this! with all the reading I've done on this truck how ford has dropped options to hit the price point I was thinking Sirius was one of them.
  13. Standard XLT Radio - is it Sirius/XM ready?

    Yes, I think you are correct. "Connect Touch". so is Connect Touch Sirius/XM. I am thinking not, but can not find anything definitive.
  14. Standard XLT Radio - is it Sirius/XM ready?

    I ordered a XLT with the Lux Package. so it only comes with the Sync 3 Radio, is the standard radio a Sirius/XM ready?
  15. Post Your Scheduled For Production & VIN Assigned 2022 Maverick Order! 🤩

    can anybody offer any incite, I ordered my Maverick though my local dealer (ordered on 7/22 and received confirming e-mail on 7/22), I did not reserve online first. I recently set up my account on, under the "reservations and orders", I used the same e-mail that I gave to the dealer at...
  16. 1" Suspension lift... Would you do it?

    I would defiantly consider a 1" lift, ordered mine with the 235/65 tire option.