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  1. Maverick hybrids are close to SOLD OUT

    At the moment I was offered about $500 less than a selling offer. The taxes here are based on what's left after trade so it would cost me an extra $800 if I sold & paid cash. I want a decent trade to save on sales tax.
  2. Maverick hybrids are close to SOLD OUT

    Scares me , dealer will offer diddly squat on trade
  3. Website now showing "Limited Availability" for all Maverick trims

    Very happy for Ford. I sure hope this Hugh success doesn't lead to a price increase.
  4. Maverick hybrids are close to SOLD OUT

    I think any manufacturer can sell out on hybrids if they are priced right. I could never justify $10k extra to get a hybrid. The Maverick hit the right price point. If Ford price Jack's I'm out.
  5. 🚨My Hybrid Maverick window sticker with MPG!! 37 combined / 42 city / 33 highway

    Woo Hoo the hybrid ship can weigh anchor & cast off to sea.
  6. Common problems - Are you concerned?

    GM had integrated exhaust manifold on 6 cylinder engines. They notoriously cracked, broke off from vibration. Only repair was complete head replacement. Hopefully this doesn't apply here.
  7. DFW Hybrids Scheduled

    I ordered my hybrid on 9/4 at a small town dealer. Nice people that has great prices on service, but will probably cause my build to be the last in line.
  8. Maverick production suspended today Friday (10/15) at Hermosillo Mexico plant on material shortage

    Any shutdown, weekends, holidays etc they back build , no one doesn't complete the work at their station. We always finished 3-4 cars back. No 1/2 done. Never saw a car missing parts get through.
  9. Poll - Do you have a Maverick, a VIN, or nothing yet?

    Ordered 9/4 Area 51 XLT Hybrid confirmed Dora nata nothing since.
  10. Ford Maverick vs Subaru Outback size and legroom compared

    Give me 40 acres & I'll turn this rig around lol
  11. Ford Maverick vs Subaru Outback size and legroom compared

    Lower the seat, I'm 6'5" & didn't bump my head. You'll bang your head against the wall when your Forester starts needing replacement parts. Look up ac dryer. $800 fuel pump $2300 & if you get the bonus blown head gaskets you'll really jump for joy.
  12. Ford Maverick vs Subaru Outback size and legroom compared

    I currently have a 17 Escape & the visibility is not good. My 10 Forester was great & I'm happy to say my test drive in a Maverick was excellent visibility. Another bonus for the Maverick.
  13. Saw some transport damage on Maverick on dealer lot

    Small dents etc are repaired at the factory everyday. There is light repair for lights leaks etc & heavy repair, brakes motor transmission. Yes they are still new & nobody is told.
  14. Hot Pepper Red question

    Thank you, super helpful
  15. Hot Pepper Red question

    I'm seriously considering changing the color of my build to Hot Pepper Red. The question is , has anybody seen one & did the blue shaded interior look horrible? The XL interior would just look more appropriate. Thoughts?
  16. EPA and Ford's process to getting EPA approval for Hybrid Maverick OKTB

    How many have went to buy an appliance only to hear that is a display, we can't sale that, BUT we have this model at $$$$ available now? A possible time line from Ford would really destress all hybrid orders
  17. Drive belt on the 2.5L engine

    In general a later intake valve opening bleeds some compression off. I struggle to understand why adding compression only to bleed it off works but it does. Valve overlap works the same.
  18. Drive belt on the 2.5L engine

    I have read the Atkinson version has a higher compression ratio. But a different camshaft profile as well. A late intake opening results in a smaller charge of air.Low torque engine without the help of the electric motor.