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  1. TorquePro what are your thoughts on this experienced users.
  2. Fred Beans Langhorne PA - $8K ADM on Maverick with 12K miles

    We went out this morning to go look at trucks and came across the Ford Maverick priced I would say eight grand over MSRP and 12,000 miles on it here's a video of it

    If you're from New Jersey let's hear it. Hamilton/Trenton
  4. Main differences between XL and XLT? Is it really worth the extra couple Grand for what?

    I put my orders in yesterday and got e-mails back from Ford so I am good to go however I'm very curious what the main differences are between XL and XLT I could do my homework I know but I know a lot of guys already know this answer right off the top of their head.
  5. What is priority code 16?

    Just received something from Ford I ordered two vehicles one hybrid1 all wheel drive Turbo I got one from Ford showing the picture of the hybrid I got another email that said something about a preview and something about priority 16 anybody have any idea what that is
  6. Rims
  7. Maverick Emblems
  8. 17" Wheel covers saw these on here today.
  9. Thought this was pretty cool

    I thought this was pretty cool not sure if anyone saw it before
  10. Ford Authority article
  11. Question about pre-order / order changes

    When you change your pre-order / Order for whatever reason a color change an option you like do you need to get new paperwork from your dealer because I recently made changes and I have pre-orders in for two mavericks; I want to make sure that I do everything properly and don't get screwed over...
  12. What do you think of these old school emblems on the tailgate or someplace else
  13. Let's see your Mavericks with aftermarket rims please list size of Rim offset and tire size

    I was originally thinking about getting an XL and putting aftermarket rims on it then I go back to XLT because of cruise control automatic tailgate and a few other things but I would like to see some Mavericks with aftermarket rims if you have them show them
  14. Maverick seat covers
  15. What's everyone think about the ECVT? Can't make up my mind between Eco or -hybrid

    What's everyone's thoughts on the e c v t in the hybrid I never liked them before I had a Ford Windstar with a CVT in it and it always sounded like it was screaming at Full Throttle never liked it leaning towards the 8-speed anybody's got any experience with it tell me what you think