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  1. Boom...just like another email about my Maverick scheduled for production

    Just got an email from Ford that my XL EB has been scheduled for production on 10/11 at the same day that my Hybrid supposed to be delivered to the dealership. The good news keeps on coming. Imma play the lotto. Also, Ford chat told me that my hybrid has been received by the Union Pacific...
  2. Got email from Ford with delivery dates. How realistic is this?

    Got an email with delivery dates of 10/11 to 10/17. How accurate or realistic is this?
  3. The rail strike has been averted. Now what?

    Does it mean I’m going to get my truck next month?
  4. Mine’s been built

    Ford’s tracking website shows built and in production on same date Of 9/12. No email from Ford yet about such status. I hope I’m not being jerk around. Don’t know what to believe now.
  5. Stuck in “in production “

    No email about getting pushed back. Has been “in production“ since 9/2 as invoiced date. Whatever that means. Anyone else in this same limbo?
  6. Ford financing and credit card

    It appears that a lot of us will take delivery of the Maverick in the next 3 months. My question is how many of you are planning on applying for Ford financing and credit card and how far ahead do you plan on starting the process? Please chime in.
  7. Hybrids in the wild

    Must be my lucky day. After months of not seeing any mavericks driving around, today stopped by Napa Auto to pick up some stuff and saw a white hybrid pulled in by a Napa employee. Came over and check it out. Interior isn’t too shabby. Told the old man driving the truck that Maverick is a rarity...
  8. Do you let people test drive if sell private party

    I wonder if anyone would allow people to test drive . I bet it would be a lot of folks just wanna drive the truck since dealership doesn’t have any on hand especially the hybrid.
  9. Can you really mess up with Forscan?

    I mean if you are changing the code to install cruise control on an XL. How easy for someone to mess up? Can you revert to the default setting with a click of a button?
  10. Front grill measurement from headlight to headlight

    Can someone kindly measure the front grill from one headlight to the other, horizontally and also vertically? I’m trying to find a mesh that will fit inside the grill to protect the radiator from rocks, bugs and road debris. Thanks.
  11. All terrain A/T vs. all season A/S tires

    I’m debating whether to replace the original tires with A/T tires when its time to replace. I don’t take the truck off road and living in Atlanta I don’t think snow is gonna be a problem either. What are the advantages vs. cost for A/T vs All season tires? Are A/T tires more durable and thicker...
  12. Wrong VIN and scheduled date given by Ford Chat

    Man, talk about a let down. Just found out they messed up and gave me someone else's VIN and a production date. No wonder I checked the tracker and it gave me an Alto blue car instead of Iconic silver. Three weeks of excitement now turning into uncertainty and despair. Oh well, back to the back...
  13. Is the moon roof tinted?

    For those with moon roofs. Do they come tinted and how dark?
  14. How long does it take from built to delivery?

    Per title, for those who recently took delivery, what is/was your time frame? So many things happening today that I expect the whole process should take more than 30 days. This is after you have gotten a VIN.
  15. Ford CS chat is hilarious

    Got my VIN from my dealer today so I figured I would contact Ford chat to see if I could get status update on my other unscheduled order. After searching the rep told me my EB still in order processing, which is understandable since I ordered it through Granger last December as part of the 3k...

    I just got my VIN. After a few email exchanges with Ed from Horsham we both thought my order would be pushed to MY23 to which I told him I would wait until August 15 to make my decision of what to do. A few minutes later he surprised me (both of us actually) that mine just got scheduled for...
  17. Has anyone contacted Horsham Philly regarding their order after receiving the email?

    I contacted Ed but nothing back. Just curious to know if anyone else heard from them regarding their status and advice on what to do. At least hear their opinion about the email.
  18. Priority code 2. Now what?

    I just found out that I’m priority 2. Given the current situation how likely am I to receive any update from Ford regarding scheduling?
  19. Contacted Ford today... 'unscheduled cleaning' ?

    I was told my order is being scheduled for 'unscheduled cleaning' then ready for production. What does it mean?