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  1. Hybrid Harness TSB 22-2340 (no crank / no start) with impacted dates: Mavericks built on or Before May 13, 2022

    Looks like Ford has isolated impacted manufacturing dates for the hybrid harness / no crank / no start) defect.
  2. Trailer Hitch 3rd Brake light, anyone ever used this?

    Stumbled upon this, and it reminded me that an awful lot of the damaged Mav pics I've seen are guys getting rear-ended, wonder if this might be a nice addition, but I've never seen one before.
  3. Hybrid Oil Change and the 700 torx screws?

    Anyone with a hybrid XLT had your oil changed at one of the Express Oil Change or similar type place? I wonder how much of a PAIN the techs at one of those would find the MULTIPLE torx-screwed cover? I have a great Express Oil change near me, reasonable enough to make it not worth my time or...
  4. XLT Security System?

    Can someone who has an XLT tell me about the built in perimeter alarm? Never had that on a vehicle. I work in a very sketchy part of town, haven't even ordered my XLT but already thinking about parking it at work (no choice, it'll be my only ride).We've had some tag and battery thefts, but not...
  5. Anyone else had a visceral, BAD reaction to actually seeing one of the colors?

    I've yet to spend any quality time with a Mav, only caught a few going by in traffic or briefly stopped at a light. I was so surprised at a few of the colors IRL! The A51 was top of my list... Until I saw one in a parking lot. I liked the Cyber Orange until I actually saw it in person, way too...
  6. Dealer-Installed Cruise Control on an XL?

    Curious if anyone has explored having a dealer install cruise control on a base XL? I know it comes capable, needs $100 of switches added and I'm capable of doing the DIY myself...I just don't want to. Has anyone checked into whether a dealer can do this for them, like before they take...
  7. Dark color truck owners: Door dings and such?

    So I am just torn between a Cactus Gray and the Hot Pepper Red - love the red, but this will be the last vehicle I plan to buy, and I need it to look good for a long time, and the red concerns me in terms of how much it may showcase door dings and such, as opposed to the lighter color that tends...
  8. Trade-in experiences?

    Some of you who have traded-in OLDER vehicles for your Mav, what's your experience with dealers been? I'm hearing some tales of dealers REALLY low-balling trade in values, to make back some money on the deal since the margins are so low on the Mavericks. What has your experience been?