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  1. Who received their Hybrid orders relatively quickly?

    Ordered my XL hybrid August 11, 2021, and picked it up December 30, 2021. So 4.5 months for me.
  2. Hybrid shudder recall

    Trolls will be trolling. The threads like this do cause a lot of shuddering though ...
  3. Consumer Reports 2022 Maverick Hybrid Review & Ranking [September Issue]

    I wonder how badly they had to abuse the truck to get such poor mpg numbers? Seriously.
  4. Hybrid Maverick owners with no issues / problems -- please speak up

    This includes most of us, the silent majority, so to speak.
  5. Buyers Remorse?

    Don't live other people's problems. No remorse here, it's a great truck.
  6. This has me worried, and i havent even got mine yet

    I lose no sleep over the quality of my Maverick.
  7. Who still LOVES thier Maverick after 10k miles?

    I'm at about 8k, and it is a great vehicle. I've been traveling, and rented an ioniq hybrid; the Maverick is much nicer vehicle, and feels much more solid.
  8. Painted steelies with trim rings and chrome paint on the hubcaps

    I like the steelies. That said, this looks great, better than the "upgraded" wheels found on other trims.
  9. What XL Upgrades have you done to your maverick hybrid so far?

    'Factory' cruise control, traffic sign recognition, stall mat cut to fit the bed, and a Gator tonneau cover. It came with CP-360, and the hitch receiver. That's all I want or need.
  10. Cutting corners

    I would gladly have a Maverick and a Bolt as my two personal vehicles. I see no game-changing problems on either. Chevrolet has owned up to, and is correcting, the problems with the Bolt.
  11. How many Hybrid owners kicking the crap out of the EPA figures?

    Anyone else want to insert a made-up problem?
  12. Edit: Steelies Can Actually Look Good!

    Aluminum wheels are everywhere these days. They used to look special, now they are boring. 🤷‍♂️ I'll keep the steelies, unmodified, they look great!
  13. Pandora screen

    You can install the Pandora app.
  14. Best place to fill up a Maverick

    I have thought of doing the same photo op. But every time I am at Maverick, someone wants to talk about the truck!
  15. So What Are/Were Your Top 3 Planned or Performed Mods/Additions

    1 - Stall mat bed liner 2 - Cruise control (using Forscan) 3 - Gator tonneau cover Those were my top 3, and my only 3. It's done!
  16. How many Hybrid owners kicking the crap out of the EPA figures?

    43.4 per the onboard computer, I don't bother to calculate. That is with somewhere around 7800 miles on the odometer. Mostly rural highways.
  17. Best place to fill up a Maverick

    I guess most missed that you filled the Maverick at Maverick?