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  1. Dealership won’t let me order a Hybrid

    Try another dealer. I don;'t thank that is true. However my Maverick hybrid is a 2022 order that is rolled over to a 2023. I already have confirmation from Ford.
  2. Is your 2023 order a Hybrid or Ecoboost?

    This is what my dealer emailed to me. WHAT’S NEW FOR 2023MY MAVERICK In addition to the recent and exciting announcement of the Tremor Off-Road Package, there are a number of important updates for 2023MY – this includes changes to some of our optional packages helping to limit exposure to...
  3. OFFICIAL: 2023 Maverick Order Bank opens today (9/15/22) at 4:30 ET / 3:30 CT / 1:30 PT!

    My dealer contacted me yesterday to confirm that I would want my MY 22 order converted to a MY 2023 order and wanted to know what changes if any I wanted to make. He did provide an anticipated constants list form Ford on the new model year. They updated my original order and then took a second...
  4. November Hybrid Orders United

    Ordered 11/16. Hybrid XL Carbonized Grey, trailer hitch, full size spare, for liners, and 400w inverter. Not scheduled. Check in every couple of weeks.
  5. Ford sends out (blanket spam) email -- "An Important Update About Your Order"

    Got one, 7:30 Pacific Time. Ordered 11/15/2022 XL Hybrid
  6. How many Mavericks have you seen?

    One locally, a couple at dealers. Oddly, today I saw my 4th Rivian R1T.
  7. And I thought dealers were bad
  8. 2.5 liter for the Maverick only?

    I owned a 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid and it had the Atkinson 2,5 liter. I can't tell young it has been updated or not but it worked great for me. It still used in the current Escape with even better mileage that the 2009 Escape.
  9. Where to buy in Bay area?

    I have one ordered with Walnut Creek Ford. They do not charge a dealer markup on vehicle orders or in-stock vehicles. Most other dealers in the Bay Area seem to be adding a dealer mark up to most in-stock vehicles.
  10. Placed my order for a hybrid last night!

    The Build and Price site still says the hybrid has limited availability. Not sure if that means anything.
  11. Placed my order for a hybrid last night!

    I submitted an order around 10pm Sunday night for an XL Hydrid, knowing that the deadline was last night. I did not receive a response fromm my dealer so at 2 pm I emailed and got a very fast response. The salesman said there was no record of the request and they had not received anything from...