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  1. Bronze powdercoated factory OEM wheels [now with 2" lift kit & tires upgrade]

    Which cover did you order? I don't see the Maverick listed for the SE cover you posted earlier?
  2. LongMcArthur Shipping

    I am planning on joining a credit union to get a good rate, then fly out and drive the truck back. Between the flight and gas it will probably be around $600-ish
  3. Speculation on MY23's being built?

    I think I will get my order, my only concern is the low limit of XLs being produced I think around April-June I will see my truck
  4. Long McArthur 2023 Orders Unite!

    I signed my Docusign today as well Let's hope everything goes well 😕
  5. What happens if we don't get our MY2023?

    Honestly I would start looking at a used subaru outback or forester
  6. Long McArthur 2023 Orders Unite!

    Ok sounds good, I'll sign the Docusign and text him in the morning Thanks!
  7. Long McArthur 2023 Orders Unite!

    So question for you guys I got my DocuSign the other day but it is missing the 100V/400W outlet in the cab. I texted Darrin about it and he said he was going to add it. I then asked him today if he needs to send a new Docusign with the updated price/order info (that includes the 110V), and he...
  8. Cactus Grey or Altas Blue?

    Man that is sharp..... Why does this have to be so hard :ROFLMAO:
  9. Long McArthur 794 MY23 Orders from Episode 58 & 59 Live Stream, 132 XL, 449 XLT, 213 Lariat with 68.6% of them Hybrids !!!

    And that is the issue I have with all of this. I get it, Covid messed everything up. But if you take WAY more order's then you can produce that is on Ford. Why not let each dealer have a set # of builds for the year and if the dealer reaches that number. No more for them
  10. Long McArthur 2023 Orders Unite!

    I I agree Eco XL here as well and I believe I have a good chance of getting a MY23
  11. Long McArthur 2023 Orders Unite!

    Got the docu-sign tonight. Its missing the 110V outlet. Will have to text Darrin in the morning to get it fixed
  12. Long McArthur 2023 Orders Unite!

    Maybe I can get a Eruption Green Maverick after all?? :ROFLMAO:
  13. Long McArthur 2023 Orders Unite!

    Is that the date that everything has to be signed/submitted?
  14. Long McArthur- quick update

    Good to know, Will have them do that I am trying to decide if I should text or call my salesperson to double check my order. I texted him on Sunday and the text says "read" so I don't know. I don't want to keep bothering him while he is super busy
  15. Long McArthur 2023 Orders Unite!

    I haven't gotten any documents yet besides the email from Ford
  16. Folks ordering the Atlas Blue?

    I'm still really torn on Atlas Blue or Cactus Grey..... :unsure:
  17. - 23MY - September Orders United

    Yeah it's going to be a while until we get anything Honestly don't even worry about it/check on it until 2023
  18. - 23MY - September Orders United

    Thanks! I am waiting for my paperwork, I did receive a email from Ford so I'm good there. I ordered from Long McArthur so I know I should be g2g. I just want to verify since the order banks are closing this week. I believe they said they are emailing the paperwork out this week due to them...