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  1. Paint-Matched Ford Accessory hood scoop and roof spoiler

    Never have had a dust on the rear window issue. The only time it gets cleaned is after a car wash with the spray wand at the car wash. Honestly its been so dry here I can't remember rain being a issue in my 5 months of ownership. I'm just happy it has some funtion for $249
  2. Paint-Matched Ford Accessory hood scoop and roof spoiler

    Really like your color match accessories. I have the cab spoiler in black. I do feel I have enough Cactus Gray and therefore left it black, even though the dealer wanted to paint it for $225. Best part of the cab spoiler is the rear window stays clean.
  3. DIY Video: 2.5 Hybrid Maverick Oil Change

    Watched your video on YouTube. Informative, Yes. pointing out other minor service items. If you did not go to the 0% on the oil life monitor. It's OK. I changed my oil early at 2100 miles. Put in Mobil 1 0W-20 Extended Performance. Might run it awhile. but will go in for a freebie "Works...
  4. FWIW department: 143 Day delivery time for 2023 Mavericks?

    Every additional time I see or hear him speak, the more I think his is a phony.
  5. Video: Hybrid Wiring Harness Failure (No Start / Crank) Repair. Excellent video

    Has there not been a few reports of it dying while going down the road?
  6. Is your 2023 order a Hybrid or Ecoboost?

    Guessing that Hybrids will be sold out in a month.
  7. Video: Hybrid Wiring Harness Failure (No Start / Crank) Repair. Excellent video

    I'm not letting them touch mine, until I can take it in, and have all three recalls done at once.
  8. Oil type - Am I over-thinking? (2.0L EB)

    Pick a good full syn in 5w-30 with a Motorcraft filter every 5K and you can turn off the worrry switch. Oil is cheap, motors are not.
  9. 23's may go quickly

    What color did you order?
  10. How long does shipping take from Mexico Plant to Kansas City railroad yards?

    Mine took 3-4 weeks. Don't know any routing details. Then 2 more weeks to get to a KC dealer for delivery. Sorry
  11. 💵 2023 Maverick Pricing (MSRP / Invoice) & Options Released -- Including New Black Appearance Package

    Thanks, there are times it has a light blue tint, other times a light green tint. In bright light almost a ash gray. Like lots of modern cars the paint changes from every angle and with every color
  12. 23's may go quickly

    I'll take November 2nd, my birthday
  13. Hybrid braking issues a deal breaker?

    Getting tired of the grabby friction brakes. It is really annoying and results in a messy shirt every once in a while.