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  1. 19inch Type 71 Rims opinions and what tires?

    Actually I do have a FX4 in Cyber Orange, so with those wheels, yes that is what my Maverick would look like if I got them. Yeah, I could not get past the petal thing, so I passed on them.
  2. To moonroof or not to moonroof. That is the question

    Here Here! Love the moonroof. It is the closest I will ever get to owning a convertible. I have it open whenever I have a chance. If the weather is not cooperating, I still have a great view!
  3. 2022 XLT with Black Leather?

    Here is a member that went with OE colors in his, and he has the same tag on the passenger seat.
  4. 2022 XLT with Black Leather?

    It is hard to tell, but looking at the third pic you see on the but cussion there is a tag, I believe it says Katskin, which is after market leather company the does offer custom leather replacement for the Maverick.
  5. Disappointed... Dealer not honoring price on order sheet due to mid-year price increase

    Watch this video You are price protected and interest rate protected. They need to go into smart vincent and select order date and the prices will be corrected.
  6. difference between XL and XLT

    It would be cheaper to keep your build and add aftermarket heated seats and remote start (which would be better than the limited oem one). We sell one way remote starts (2000ft range) for $425 installed, and heated seats run $650 installed. Also the lux is very constrained item which would...
  7. New, like a Maverick truck.

    Sure, Christmas of 2023. :)
  8. ⛔️ Official bulletin: 2023 Maverick order banks closing on 9/20 (Hybrid) and 9/21 (EcoBoost)

    No, it is the same communication, I had to snip in two sections to get it all. Edit: Here is the complete e-mail. It is harder to read in one snip
  9. 2023 Maverick Retail Order Banks Closing Next Week + Tremor Package Ordering Starts Tomorrow (9/17)

    I called it, days, not weeks or months. If you want in, get in now! Using conservative numbers, 100 orders per dealer x 3000 dealers = 300,000 orders. No way in heck that Ford can make that amount in these times.
  10. Are the order bank computers working Friday morning?

    Actually that is the old system that sales no longer uses (but parts still does, and like you said, very robust) , they upgraded system was written by some CEO's kid that lags, crashes, or just does not work at all. There is a video someone posted of what the sales guy was seeing. There
  11. Are the order bank computers working Friday morning?

    Actually they use a Tandy 64 from Radio Shack to run their business. 😆
  12. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Naw, You put the plastic down so when you get to the bottom of the pile, you just pull the plastic out along with the rest of the rock. Work smart, not hard.