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  1. Grand Prairie (Alberta) Maverick

    I went through Grande Prairie (Alberta, Canada) on Saturday, and saw a XLT in Area-51. I think it was a lady driving. This is only my second spotting of a Maverick in the wild, the first was in Spokane, WA. Yesterday in Dawson Creek. I get asked about the Maverick on about half of my stops...
  2. Hotspot, will it work in Canada?

    Iirc, there is a free trial of an AT&T powered hotspot on the Maverick. I am planning a trip on the AlCan highway, will it work there? Not meaning in isolated locales, but more like North of the US border?
  3. Using my real truck for truck stuff

    Second dump run since we got the Maverick in December. This load was 1080 lbs. It drove exactly the same as it does when empty.
  4. Need some XLT VINs please

    I need some VINs for XLTs, both with and without CP360, and both hybrid and ecoboost. If you are willing to share, and state the configuration, that would be appreciated. This is for "as built" configuration research related to XL cruise control configuration.
  5. Sub $500 tri-fold tonneau covers

    The title says it - what (good) options are there for $500 or less? I am looking at these two - Gator SFX and the Ford one. Is the Ford one worth a...
  6. Scored my XL hybrid today

    Picked up my XL hybrid today. Wendle Ford in Spokane honored the MSRP (ordered) price, and it went smoothly. Love this truck!
  7. When did the 37 MPG show up on the EPA sticker? IE - When did the EPA know?

    I am curious about the timing of the EPA "knowing" about the 37 mpg of the hybrid Maverick. Track with me ... On the Hybrid window sticker below, the EPA mpg is 37. There is also fine print there saying "Small Pickup Trucks range from 17 to 37 MPG." It is clear that the 37 in the fine print...
  8. Smog ratings for Hybrids - What's your window sticker say?

    On the other thread, it was noted that there are differing smog ratings on hybrid configurations. For example, mine is a "7" (see below), others have reported a "6." I am curious what the reason for this is. So, here's mine, on an XL Hybrid, with CP-360, and hitch receiver. Or perhaps it is the...
  9. Happy Wednesday - In Production!

    So here I was, waiting for my usual Wednesday email, bumping my scheduled production date back another week. But then, on a whim I looked up the status of my order, and found that it is "In Production," with the window sticker available! Details in signature below, most recent scheduled build...
  10. Orange accents, for those who hate them

    You can at least pretend while you drive ...
  11. 🛠 10/18 Build Week Group

    Got an email from Ford today, and from my dealer, that my XL Hybrid has an October 18 build date!