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  1. While we wait on our e-mail notices from Ford. Entertainment Please!

    Take a look This fellow isn't waiting for chips...he is making his own. Enjoy!
  2. What do we like about the Maverick?

    I'm reading a lot of posts about what is wanted in the Maverick, so Ford has a source for that information. But just thinking about what is really liked about the Maverick that Ford maybe shouldn't mess with during upgrades. I will start off: Please don't add the plastic wheel trim covers to...
  3. Checking on Sub-Temperature performance with hybrids.

    This is for the northern states and Canada with hybrids.. Wondering how the Maverick Hybrid's are performing in the cold sub temperature regions. Is that hybrid battery pack holding a charge? Do they take longer to charge? Is the MPG lower? When cold starting how smooth is it when the engine...