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  1. How many of you already own a hybrid vehicle ?

    Although the Maverick is currently my only hybrid vehicle, I've been driving hybrids for years - the Maverick is my fifth hybrid vehicle. I have driven two separate first generation 5-spd Honda insights, a first generation Chevy Volt and a second generation Volt that I traded in when I bought...
  2. Not getting my First Edition because it was balanced out

    I would have already bought something else by now - the only reason I have my XLT Hybrid is the dealer didn't cancel the order back in November last year and Ford went ahead and built it. I had cancelled my order because they couldn't give a time frame for delivery back when the parts...
  3. Maverick hauling rocks.

    I hauled the bag of rock's whole family and all it's friends and their families, too
  4. Getting it Done.

    30 bags of white marble chips from Home Depot in the bed on a pallet, the rest on the trailer. This little truck does everything I could ever need it to
  5. Have you seen any Mavericks in your town?

    This one was sitting at the light with me this weekend in central Lakeland. It was a hybrid like mine, the first one I've seen in my area, not my favorite color but really recognizable
  6. Towing MPG results by Maverick Hybrid with 1500 lbs trailer

    That's about what I'm getting when I tow my lawn trailer with my XLT Hybrid. My trailer with the equipment is a little less weight than you're towing. Beats the 11 mpg my Chevy 3500 used to get towing the same trailer!
  7. Ford OEM tailgate letters

    I got the thirty dollar ones off Amazon you're talking about. They are raised plastic and awesome looking, and were really easy to apply, well worth it to me. The pic below are the ones I have and I added a picture (mine is the silver Maverick) in my review - I tried to add the link but I don't...
  8. Anyone else had a visceral, BAD reaction to actually seeing one of the colors?

    To each his own . . . I have an Iconic silver XLT and love it. The silver goes really well with the interior colors, unlike most of the colors they offer
  9. Another dealer playing games...

    That sucks, I had a much better experience from Lakeland Ford. Maybe because I've now bought 3 new vehicles from them but I haven't ever felt like I got taken advantage of there I originally ordered the Maverick last winter (Hybrid XLT) right when the bottom dropped out of the expected Hybrid...
  10. Anyone Have EZ Pass?

    Mine is mounted right behind the rear view mirror on the windshield and I can't even see it in normal driving. It doesn't block my view at all
  11. Differences between XL vs XLT?

    I didn't like the steelies on the XL on top of the other items mentioned above. My Hybrid XLT rims look really nice, they're charcaol and the truck is the silver color, the XLT rims are probably lighter than the XL rims too so maybe a tiny bump in mpg to boot
  12. How-to DIY: change the cabin air filter

    So is there already an air filter in there? I don't want to take it apart to check. The reason I'm asking is that I went to change one out on my wife's 2020 Explorer and found out Ford didn't actually put one in, and same thing happened on my 2018 Chevy Volt. I'm wondering if I need to go ahead...
  13. Not my truck but at Tampa Dealership with MARKET ADJUSTMENT mark up

    I live in the same Tampa market (Lakeland Florida). I had ordered a Maverick Hybrid last October from Lakeland Ford but cancelled my order when they started having issues giving delivery dates. Fast forward to this week - Frank Uria from the dealership called me out of the blue and said my...