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  1. Creative Ideas for Dash Cubby Storage

    IF my Mav ever actually arrives, I have this figure ready for install in the cubby. The Mav will be my retirement travel vehicle, and my retirement mood will be ....sloth. Ain't doin' nothing 'less I want to!
  2. Ford Maverick Cubby Grid for space by display screen

    I saw someone online (no idea where) who used a piece of foam, like the kind HF sells as "antifatigue mats" stuck in along side this cubby thingee, to hold it securely in place. Seemed to work a charm.
  3. MY22 Production Extended AGAIN!

    So, is the originally planned MY23 first scheduling date, set for tomorrow (thursday the 29th) still happening or ......?
  4. Weather floor mats - Smartliner, Husky, or Weathertech?

    LOL, I'm picking up pennies in parking lots to save for my Mav! Floor mats: Walmart, Armor All All-Season floor mat set, $25. They'll have to do for a spell.
  5. Is your Tremor previewing?

    The person who posted about previewing was mistaken, they just had a standard order sheet. I don't think anybody but the dealer can tell you whether the order is being previewed.
  6. Insurance Quote for My 2022 XLT Lux

    I had alfa quoted at the same time I got my perspective quote from State farm. Alfa was 2.5 times higher on auto. Deal breaker for me, they were competitive on homeowners, but crazy high on auto.
  7. Insurance Quote for My 2022 XLT Lux

    Alabama, don't have my Mav yet but got a prelim. Insurance quote anyway: $363 per 6 months, senior with perfect driving record and credit score, fwiw. State Farm. Probably gonna put it out for quotes from other companies when I get it in hand.
  8. What Aftermarket Accessory Do You Think Every Maverick should have?

    LOL, don't have my truck yet, but I have the lettering! Bought those on Amazon. Will buy the tailgate assist soon, it's available at several sites, you can search on this site and see where folks are getting them. Seems to me there's an outside vendor that shows up here occasionally and sells...
  9. Speculation on MY23's being built?

    Not gonna lie, had me scanning my inbox and junk folder, lol!!!
  10. Speculation on MY23's being built?

    Yeah, so how is that " order previewing"??? Somebodys fibbing.
  11. Speculation on MY23's being built?

    Isn't this just an order summary? What am I missing?
  12. What's the best way to clean factory Spray-In Bed Liner?

    I don't have a link to it, but I watched a video of a guy using dressing spray to bring back his spray in liner. It was Meguiars hyper dressing spray, I think I looked at it after I watched the video and it's expensive when you buy it in the concentrate, but pretty reasonable when you just buy a...
  13. What Aftermarket Accessory Do You Think Every Maverick should have?

    The tailgate lettering, to me, is just a given. And the tailgate assist. I could go without ANY of the other options, but not those two.
  14. Hybrid Harness TSB 22-2340 (no crank / no start) with impacted dates: Mavericks built on or Before May 13, 2022

    Looks like Ford has isolated impacted manufacturing dates for the hybrid harness / no crank / no start) defect.
  15. Has anyone repaired the hybrid wiring harness issue themselves? Would my idea work? (Dead hybrid update, more info on where the issue is)

    TSB was just released for this, today I think, saw it on one of the Maverick FB groups, describes the parts involved for Ford Techs. Also identifies clearly the DATES involved. (Just put this out there in a separate thread, too).
  16. Elephant in room: Around 80% of orders are Hybrids.

    The answer, as in most things, is it depends on what you use your vehicle for. Mine is going to be for retirement travel, along with tooling around town, and I know from driving another Ford hybrid that the mix will regularly get me about 42/43 mpg. I don't want to spend more retirement $ on gas...