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  1. Order not showing in Ford account?

    it won’t show until you get a VIN and you add it. I had the same question a couple weeks ago. It’s dumb because it seems it only auto loads if you had a bronco sport, Mach-e or another vehicle order. Hope this helps
  2. 20% off accessories from ford!

    these are the exact words I just said to my wife
  3. Elephant in room: Around 80% of orders are Hybrids.

    Hope the value of the truck doesn’t tank like many of his calls lol
  4. I’m getting more discouraged about my order

    guess I’ll call in the morning and have them remove it. Thanks for the heads up
  5. I’m getting more discouraged about my order

    i guess if I’m already getting the DIBL and Tonneau with the dealer, I might as well get that too, huh?
  6. Maverick Model Launch Program - How?

    lol I read this as “Tim May” who I’m sure to 95% of the users here means nothing but as an Ohio State fan…Tim May is probably the greatest and most respected reporter on the buckeye beat. Almost thought he was in here somewhere. Go bucks
  7. I’m getting more discouraged about my order

    Any idea if the rubber floor mats are a constrained item? Don’t recall seeing it on the constrained items list. Just curious because if it is, it’s definitely something I can live without and would remove it.
  8. Why did you order a Maverick? What are you going to use it for?

    ordered mine from up around you I presume, in Easley. Parents have their retirement home (not yet retired though) in piedmont so it’ll be an easy trip to get it when/if it gets built. purchasing my Maverick for mostly space and home projects. Wife and I just had our first kid in august and...
  9. Realistically, what is the chance of actually getting a Hybrid Maverick?

    my dealer advised against ordering a bed liner and tonneau cover from factory. Straight up said “hey, let us worry about those items here at our shop, let’s just get you your truck”. Whether he did it to improve his accessories department numbers Or not, I appreciated his honesty and I think it...
  10. Newbie Question About Trucks in General

    i sold my ‘08 manual F-150 XL a couple months ago and will be doing the same with my manual Nissan Versa. Gunna be weird having an automatic with a rotary shift at that. Cruise control will be nice to have though 😂
  11. Newbie Question About Trucks in General

    safe to assume you would also stand at the front of the line for a manual maverick? I would without even thinking twice
  12. What first accessory do you want for your Maverick (that doesn't exist)?

    Soft topper but haven’t found one/seen one recommended. Specifically want the soft top because I’d like to be able to install/uninstall by myself and know it won’t be necessary all the time.
  13. Deposit refunds looking more likely for hybrid vs ecoboost Mavericks?

    Seeing quite a bit of customers receiving refunds on their deposits. With that said it seems to just be those that ordered hybrids or the variance in number of hybrid vs EB really is that great. Am I wrong in thinking that if you made an EB order your likelihood of getting it is much better?
  14. ⛔️ Official bulletin: 2023 Maverick order banks closing on 9/20 (Hybrid) and 9/21 (EcoBoost)

    I’ll take my chances. The only thing a physical copy of the document is going to do is give me something tactile. Tracking number and CS say I’m good, I’ll trust it.
  15. ⛔️ Official bulletin: 2023 Maverick order banks closing on 9/20 (Hybrid) and 9/21 (EcoBoost)

    I asked more or less the same question because I didn’t receive whatever the document of rovp/covp is. My dealer said if you have a tracking number, it means it was rovp’d/covp’d. Allegedly the tracking number is a system specific tracking number on ford’s end not a “where’s my truck” type of...
  16. Is your 2023 order a Hybrid or Ecoboost?

    i really hope this is true. I was team hybrid until I started seeing more and hybrids get delayed on here and saw more EBs get delivered. The shuddering and dying of hybrid put a bad taste in my mouth too with having a new born
  17. 2023 Maverick Retail Order Banks Closing Next Week + Tremor Package Ordering Starts Tomorrow (9/17)

    not sure how you feel about a 2hr drive but benson ford in Easley SC has been incredible to work with. Jon Fisher (sales manager) and his assistant Yosvany are legit. I’m in Charleston SC and ordered with them and have a 3hr drive when it arrives.
  18. Aftermarket Topper / Cap options?

    Man I wanna order one for my order that I put in Friday lol gunna hold off until he replies and he likes it I’ll probably order when my goes into production
  19. Aftermarket Topper / Cap options?
  20. Aftermarket Topper / Cap options?

    the Fas-top! I asked about it on his post but yesterday but he hasn’t replied.