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  1. Help with keeping neighbor cats away

    I’m pretty obsessive about my vehicles. Detailing is one of my hobbies. My new Maverick is a daily driver that’s is kept in my carport. Have a garage but it’s full of my collection. Recently had some cats coming around at night (caught it on my Ring camera) that are getting on the tonneau...
  2. Online tutorial not working

    Received an offer via email to join an on line series of tutorials for the Maverick. I thought cool I might learn something new. BUT all I get is a 404 error that says use the home page. But of course, no link to the home page. Anyone e
  3. Ford emblem in front of bed?

    Have noticed that in our photos of the beds that some have a rather large Ford oval on the front panel. Some do not. Is this part of the spray on process? Or different package.? Just curious.
  4. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    Remembered the way to do most weatherstripping. Place it on the moveable part!
  5. Help with finding rear splash guards

    I can find the front guards all over the internet but nobody seems to have the rear ones! Any one know where the secret stash is hidden?? Winters coming and I need to protects my baby! TIA
  6. Got my XLT Friday!!

    My velocity blue XLT with LUX package came in Friday. All I can say is it has exceeded expectations! Fit, finish, panels and paint are really better than my last 5 cars. 165 miles. 26.8 mpg So far. Three surprises. 1. How good the stock wheels look in real life. Right color and gloss. 2...
  7. Confirmation my Maverick was built 9/21

    Received notice confirmed build on 9/21 Est delivery 10/19 !! Ordered 6/25 Velocity Blue XLT ecoboost lux package full spare