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  1. October Hybrid Orders United

    Just got bumped to November 14th!
  2. Humor me with your Maverick's Names / Nicknames

    Tiny seems to be the name that has stuck.
  3. Couldn't Resist Joining MTC

    Welcome! Reading here really arms you with knowledge and helps even the playing field when dealing with dealers. Cool plane too!
  4. Can one decipher any meaning from an order code?

    I think the dealers can make those codes up. I have usually seen first and last initials of salespeople plus the order number, for example I have an order in D01F and my salesman name is Duane F.
  5. Will all ‘22 orders with VINs be built?

    Hi Phil, as I understand it the first 100,000 vehicles started with AXXXXX, and the second 100,000 is B series. So an early vin might be A10456 which is # 10,456. Yours being a B series indicates vehicle # 100,040.
  6. Will all ‘22 orders with VINs be built?

    I've seen a VIN here at B13948 - so at least 114,000 trucks.
  7. October Hybrid Orders United

    Mine is the same way, i have seen Mine is the same way. Some people say it will show up on the window sticker.
  8. ⛔️ Official bulletin: 2023 Maverick order banks closing on 9/20 (Hybrid) and 9/21 (EcoBoost)

    Note that dealers can continue to order dealer stock after retail order banks have closed. Probably cutting off early so they can get some stock to dealer lots.
  9. Went to order my 2023 Maverick and this happened...

    Highest VIN issued yet? Highest I've seen at least.
  10. Whats your build date?

    Ordered 10/19 build week 11/7. Cutting it close.
  11. October Hybrid Orders United

    From what I have read, all we know is 22s with a VIN will need to be manufactured this year. I would imagine worse case scenario is they delay the start of 23s if need be to finish the 22s. I'm with you though as my original schedule week is 11/7 so as late as it can get.
  12. October Hybrid Orders United

    Well I guess they' can't push it back any further? Production of 2023 Maverick starts November 14, 2022 (11/14/22)
  13. OFFICIAL: 2023 Maverick Order Bank opens today (9/15/22) at 4:30 ET / 3:30 CT / 1:30 PT!

    Just FYI doing the order from the website wasn't actually creating an order, more like generating a lead for the dealer to follow up on.
  14. Long McArthur 2023 Orders Unite!

    For sure once the dust settles. I'm sure the Tim and his crew are working hard - its like the super bowl of truck ordering!
  15. Long McArthur 2023 Orders Unite!

    Should be able to weed out scammers, either you have a private offer or you don't. No offer, no higher priority.
  16. October Hybrid Orders United

    We're pretty close! Build the same too except mine is XLT. 10/19 order vin NRB09506
  17. 2023 Maverick Order Guide [PDF] is Here!

    Those look like standard safety options, the CP360 package has additional tech: Ford Co-Pilot360TM • BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert • Lane-Keeping System (Lane-Keeping Aid, Lane-Keeping Alert and Driver Alert System) Silly that the name is the same.
  18. 2023 Maverick Order Guide [PDF] is Here!

    Am I understanding this right in that you can select interior color regardless of model?