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  1. Maverick Air Bag Recall, No info until September.

    UPDATE: See this new thread with recall notice and details: ORIGINAL POST: So we won't know anything until September
  2. If it is too loud, then your too old!

    And dang it, I must be too old. :eek: For being a cheap system, it does hit the lows and highs pretty well. I kept reading threads about how weak the stereo system is, and I don't know about yours but I can't turn it up past 12 (on FM) without feeling like I am about to blow my ear drums. If...
  3. This is the e-mail coming at 3PM today (6/29) to unscheduled order holders

    For those that might have missed it in the other thread, here is the e-mail that is going out today.
  4. Cyber Orange Mav is Home!

    Wow, it has been a wild 8 months waiting in anticipation for my new Maverick. I was worried that there would be hickups but there were none and it has surpassed my expectations! I was able to use my D-plan, price protection, and 1.9% for 60mo. There was only a $100 doc fee. I can't believe...
  5. New Ford email: Co-Pilot36 package, XLT Luxury package, and Lariat Luxury package face strongest constraints

    ACTION REQUESTED Please ensure your Consultants are aware of these communications going out to Maverick Unscheduled Retail Order Holders SUMMARY Good afternoon, As was referenced in the previous maverick communication that went out February 21st, the combination of extraordinary demand and...
  6. Maverick Launch / Special Financing extended to Sept 30th

    Good News, Ford is extending the launch of special financing.
  7. [Dealer Memo] Not all 2022 Mavericks will be built. Update on Maverick Retail Order Scheduling, Customer Options and Order Amendment

    From this morning. SUMMARY There is no denying that the excitement and demand for the All-New Ford Maverick truck has been tremendous. The 2022 North American Truck of the Year has been a huge hit with customers, with many still waiting on updates regarding the status of their retail orders...
  8. 19inch Type 71 Rims opinions and what tires?

    I have an opportunity to pick up these rims, but I am concerned they are going to be more of an on-road style rim limiting tires. Tire Rack size program says to run 235/55R19, any suggestions on other sizes that would fit? And what do you think about the look of them on the Maverick?