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  1. First real drive

    pics or it didn't happen.
  2. Boom...just like another email about my Maverick scheduled for production

    Just got an email from Ford that my XL EB has been scheduled for production on 10/11 at the same day that my Hybrid supposed to be delivered to the dealership. The good news keeps on coming. Imma play the lotto. Also, Ford chat told me that my hybrid has been received by the Union Pacific...
  3. 2023 Maverick Price ROLLBACK !

    This isn't walmart. No price roll back allowed.
  4. Long McArthur Can Deliver Mavericks To You

    True, but he did explain in one of his videos about people having to finance through a number of months or amount and they can’t just finance and then pay all of it off . The bottom line is you will have to cover the shipping cost through the loan itself.
  5. Long McArthur Can Deliver Mavericks To You

    It ain’t free. You either have to finance through them at a cost to cover the shipping or pay for it yourself.
  6. Got email from Ford with delivery dates. How realistic is this?

    Got an email with delivery dates of 10/11 to 10/17. How accurate or realistic is this?
  7. Has anyone successfully added cruise control to base XL?

    You don’t want to hack then cough up the $$ to get an XLT or lariat
  8. Decision time. Hybrid orders. Should I drop CP 360? How many of you did it or planning on dropping?

    Already got my VIN and build date of mid October. I’ve been driving for a long time and haven’t needed a CP 360 to watch my six. The reason I wanted it was the power mirrors but even my current car I don’t use it as much so I’m not really missing it.
  9. Power Mirrors

    if You’re willing to wait since cp360 is a constraint item. I ended up dropping it just because waiting for over a year isn’t worth it to me.
  10. 2023 "XL" Trim Changes ... provide your inputs.

    Is the price still the same? If not, then you’re paying for these features.
  11. The rail strike has been averted. Now what?

    Does it mean I’m going to get my truck next month?
  12. Mine’s been built

    Ford’s tracking website shows built and in production on same date Of 9/12. No email from Ford yet about such status. I hope I’m not being jerk around. Don’t know what to believe now.
  13. Stuck in “in production “

    No email about getting pushed back. Has been “in production“ since 9/2 as invoiced date. Whatever that means. Anyone else in this same limbo?
  14. Is the Hybrid wiring harness problem fixed in trucks being made now?

    Agreed. It ain’t your problem until you got one.
  15. Is the Hybrid wiring harness problem fixed in trucks being made now?

    Nothing will be done until there’s significant fatalities involved. Someone must die for ford to take proper action.