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  1. Newbie Question About Trucks in General

    Simply for ventilation.
  2. November Hybrid Orders United

    If it's ever built, our 22 (now 23 Maverick) would be the 7th Ford in a row that we've purchased. Should they not manage to complete that build, our streak will stop at 6. It'll then be time to move on and order a Nissan Frontier or Toyota. Ford should pay attention and realize that brand...
  3. Flat tire experience, take to the dealer?

    The saying in the tire industry is that car manufacturers want tires that are round, black and cheap - and not necessarily in that order.
  4. Humor me with your Maverick's Names / Nicknames

    As someone who earned a degree in Theater Production, I LOL'd Godot. Yep, the waiting is all too real. In our house, vehicles are typically named by color. My wife's Focus is Magnetic Grey so we just call it Magnet, my son's Focus is Blue Candy so it's named Blueberry. Our Maverick...
  5. What option would you want that wasn’t offered

    1: Leather seats in Lariat Lux. 2: Fog lights 3: Ventilated seats in Lariat Lux.
  6. Model vs Priority # -- let's see what you have and Priority # they assigned to you

    Reordered my '22 as a '23 on Saturday - Lariat Hybrid Lux, 360 and 360 assist, moon roof and spray-in bedliner. Alto Blue, Priority 13. Asked for a 10 or 11 and was told all those had already been assigned. Considering this would be my seventh Ford from this dealer, candidly I was hoping for...
  7. Cyber Orange no longer premium?

    I didn't order CO, by my Alto Blue was no longer a premium color either. I questioned that but it seems only Hot Pepper Red came with an additional fee for '23.
  8. Which 2023 Maverick trim did you order?

    Lariat Lux, Hybrid, Alto Blue, Moonroof, CP360 + CP360 Assist, Spray in. Basically the same as I ordered (at least functionally with CP360) 11/15/21 -- minus the flaps, mats and tonneau.
  9. Buy OEM bed tie down system

    Order the hitch or you'll find you won't get the trailer wiring... A few forum members had that issue with their '22 models and it was apparently a big PITA.
  10. Time from order to confirmation email?

    Had mine within 15 minutes of leaving the dealership
  11. No EcoBoost on Lariat W/O AWD?

    Lariat W8E, 500A, option 999 is ecoboost
  12. Greetings from Cleveland

    Howdy from Akron.
  13. Bronze powdercoated factory OEM wheels [now with 2" lift kit & tires upgrade]

    Hope to do the same with our (if ever built) Alto Blue Lariat.
  14. Spray in bedliner in the burnt orange accent color.

    That is really cool. It might also make finding things in the dark a bit easier - when we make cable trunks (Cadillacs in the AV trade) we paint the insides of them a dove grey versus the black outsides - it's so much easier to see a black cable against the grey. As long as what you're hauling...
  15. Hat tip to Klaben Ford in Kent OH

    Hope to hell it wasn't the truck I ordered... After years of dealing with one fantastic salesperson there, he retired and his replacement has been AWOL when it comes to getting back to me about anything... I miss Dave Mott more and more every day.
  16. Definitive Constraint: CoPilot 360

    I'm sure I'm in the same boat - but there was no way I was going to skip the Lux package and Ford required CP360 in combination.
  17. would catalytic converter theft be an issue with the hybrid maveric?

    It would be very difficult to access on a hybrid Maverick than say, a Honda Ridgeline. A Ridgeline's cat can be removed in under two minutes in broad daylight. Sadly we know that all too well.
  18. Who's going to removed constraints in the next week

    The only constrained item I'd remove would be the hard tri-fold. While I don't really care about the CP360, they require it if you want the Lariat Lux and that I certainly do want.