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  1. What Aftermarket Accessory Do You Think Every Maverick should have?

    I used to think I didn’t need the tailgate assist until my wife kept having a hard time lowering the tailgate because it was heavier than expected. Once I installed it both her and I really like it. Makes it so much easier if your carrying stuff.

    could I see pics of the bulkhead? I want to see if I’m not putting my Truxport close enough to it.
  3. Bronze powdercoated factory OEM wheels [now with 2" lift kit & tires upgrade]

    Those look sweet. I’m thinking maybe in a few years of powder coating my XLT wheels that color bronze. I think it’d be nice with Area 51.
  4. Good way to attach a bed rack to a TRUXEDO SOFT ROLL-UP TONNEAU COVER.

    I believe the elevate rails aren’t compatible with the Truxedo Truxport. (I’m assuming this is the sort roll up you’re talking about.) Not sure how elaborate a rack you want on the back, but you can can get a set of BillieBars or KB Voodoo bars. Both are compatible with the Truxport.
  5. Life Cycle of a Mav Owner on MTC: My Observations from Afar

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve been a lot less active since most of the unread posts are “where is my truck” and “this thing is broken”.
  6. Tyger T1 Roll Up Bed Cover

    I haven’t, but they look solid enough to me. I plan to get a set of BillieBars or KB Voodoo bars and do the same thing as you. I got a Kuat roof basket on a great deal awhile back so never explored other options.
  7. Tyger T1 Roll Up Bed Cover

    That looks good. I honestly don’t know why Tyger products aren’t as popular as more expensive stuff. It’s like that with their cargo baskets, too. On Subaru forums everyone always gets the same Yakima roof basket, but the ones from companies like Tyger seem just as good. Must be marketing and...
  8. Peragon Tonneau covers - company is "looking into it" for Maverick

    Yeah I gave up on them a long time ago when they said that earlier this year. I just did a Truxedo Truxport instead.
  9. xlt audio: why radio quality is so much better than usb/ bluetooth?

    I felt that same way coming from a 2017 Subaru Impreza Sport. It supposedly had a decent sound system, but it never sounded that great to me. I would have a hard time making out certain sound details. I dunno if it’s the actual sound system or the interior area of the car and the acoustics, but...
  10. Jalopnik Ranks Maverick Colors

    It’s meant to be just a silly opinion piece. I thought it was funny. I’ve never read Jalopnik for serious writing. Only reason I stopped reading it was because my favorite column, “What Car Should I Buy?”, stopped being updated for awhile. And it vlalways seems impossible to find in their...
  11. Does xlt hybrid not come with floor mats for back seat?

    That’s kind of lame that they don’t come with rears. I paid for the all weather set with my hybrid order and I like them. Sure they don’t have as much coverage as the usual brands, but all those brands don’t even have product available. Plus the OEM mats say “MAVERICK” for cool factor 😎
  12. Key fob cover

    It is but I just got used to it
  13. Feeto hard tonneau fits Maverick well

    Oh that explains why I couldn’t find it in a search. The name is FEETUO. All these Chinese companies with their crazy names lol.
  14. Future Compact Toyota Pick Up

    yup. And good luck finding one even close to MSRP. Or even finding any on lots.
  15. Feeto hard tonneau fits Maverick well

    this is the first cover I’ve seen where’s it’s larger instead of smaller than the bed. Looks pretty good regardless. How much did you get it for on Amazon? I couldn’t even find it when I did a search. How does it look fully folded?
  16. Orange County Meet UP

    And I’d be down for a meet up. I live in Norwalk so OC is just a stone’s throw away.
  17. Orange County Meet UP

    Just joined. Thanks for the heads up! I don’t go on Facebook that often anymore.
  18. Billiebars

    there’s an option to use thumb screws, but a quick release would still be nice. Makes it really easy to steal though. I bought the Truxedo Truxport tonneau mainly so that I could roll it up in case I got a set of BillieBars or KB Voodoo bars. It can roll up under them.
  19. Maverick Zion - living in my Maverick for past 2 months traveling CA, NV, UT using Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot

    I’m thinking about getting KB Voodoo bars. Did you get the pro x crossbars? I know they have the original universal ones for cheaper.