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  1. Mississippi Mavericks

    Hope Ford comes through for us.
  2. Tremor Maverick XLT spotted in Shadow Black

    I hope they build every one that got ordered!😍
  3. Tremor Maverick XLT spotted in Shadow Black

    Here’s a Shadow Black XLT. Hope mine gets built, Lariat Tremor CP360.
  4. Lets see those motorcycles/scooters in the bed pictures!

    Mine is too big to fit in a six foot bed, much less my anticipated Mavericks’.
  5. 2022 XLT - Area 51 Delivered - 2.0 EcoBoost

    Congratulations, good looking truck.
  6. What first accessory do you want for your Maverick (that doesn't exist)?

    Lasfit LED light kit. Didn’t see the “that doesn’t exist” in thread heading, oops.
  7. What is your opinion on the Black Appearance Package?

    Lariat BAP has Activ-x seating.
  8. Finally Saying Hi

    Welcome to the forum family.
  9. Finally joining

    Welcome to the forum family.
  10. Couldn't Resist Joining MTC

    Welcome to the forums.
  11. Submitted Tremor Maverick Orders - post yours here!

    I’m thinking now about keeping the black. Have a friend who will ceramic coat it reasonably, which should make it fairly easy to keep clean.
  12. What Powertrain, Trim, & Packages did you order for 2023?

    Lariat EcoBoost BAP CP360 Full size Spare 9/16 Lariat Tremor CP360 9/19
  13. How many Mavericks have you seen?

    Two, both customers’ vehicles at my local dealership.
  14. Hope Everyone Got Their Orders In

    One can only hope this is the case.🙏🏻
  15. Did anyone hear that Black Appearance Package is no longer available for a change order?

    BAP should still be able to be ordered on EB XLTs and Lariats until they close the order bank tomorrow night at 10pm EDT.
  16. I just ordered my Maverick and paid the deposit!! Sooo excited!!

    Welcome aboard! Nice Maserati, too rich for me.
  17. Submitted Tremor Maverick Orders - post yours here!

    That’s what I thought too, but thinking about the heat down here is making me reconsider. Too bad they don’t do carbonized gray, might do silver instead. It’s not like I don’t have any time to consider the color change.