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  1. Wobble after 2” Rough Country lift

    Proper alignment after lift?
  2. Submitted Tremor Maverick Orders - post yours here!

    This is completely wrong. The Tremor is the only model you can get avalanche gray on, not the other way around. You can get a tremor in all but 4 colors. Better get to editing video's.
  3. Tremor Maverick XLT spotted in Shadow Black

    Now we need some interior pictures of it.
  4. Undercoating / rustproofing Mavericks. RU?

    That is more the Kia Soul than the rust proofing. I have a 19 and I fluid film every fall did that the first year and after looking at it good haven't done it since. Every single seam on the metal is filled with filler before it is painted. There's really no where for stuff to collect and start...
  5. Dealers flip Ford off! Business as usual.

    The email means the dealer placed an order with your email address on it. Not much more. You have to take the dealers word or make them show you covp approval to be sure. Only dealer can see it, Ford customer service can not.
  6. Fx4 + 4k tow vs Tremor

    That was always my issue with them. Front seals that are afraid of hot fluid. Worked great until about 170 then instantly puked all the fluid out the front seal. The one I caught in time survived fine the burnt the clutches before a realized what happened. I'm for manuals myself. The talk with...
  7. Fx4 + 4k tow vs Tremor

    I have memory's of E4OD's, but none are good. Hell the built 4R100 in my tow rig scares me enough that We have a talk before every long trip.
  8. Dealers flip Ford off! Business as usual.

    The biggest issue with COVP is it don't involve the customer. Theres no reason Ford can't shoot an email or call you after the dealer submits a retail order to verify it and let the customer know the order is correct and verified.
  9. Fx4 + 4k tow vs Tremor

    The lack of low range isn't as huge as people make it sound. Low gears are a fairly recent thing. Lets take a 1980 Chevy K10, just because I know in 1980 the NP205 was the only tcase you could get in a Chevy truck. The NP205 is very desirable case still today. It has a 1.96:1 low range. A little...
  10. Fx4 + 4k tow vs Tremor

    May take is it's a bigger cooler then 4k or FX4. They list aux trans cooler, tremor list HD aux cooler. Another thing will have to see in person.
  11. Dealer Ordered Wrong Engine

    Thanks for confirming this. I thought that would be the case but you the first to confirm it. I'm 2.9 miles from work and 1.2 of this 65mph, the rest 35. I dont think I would see any real gain from a hybrid.
  12. Fx4 + 4k tow vs Tremor

    I'm hoping, but not hopeful, that Ford did fix this. Remember all the pics we have seen are of a pre production unit. It appears issue is the short trailing arm that's being used and the steep angle it's at. In theory moving the front of the arm down the same amount as the lift should recenter...
  13. Fx4 + 4k tow vs Tremor

    This is the reason the twin clutch rear is important on the Maverick platform. There is very little flex in the suspension. It will have wheels off the ground much more than a traditional truck. I wouldn't take much of a built rig to have all 4 on the ground in that exact spot
  14. Dealer Ordered Wrong Engine

    Would a hybrid even help on that short of a drive? My understanding is the engine still runs until it gets up to operating temperature. I have the same drive time and am only managing 18 miles to gallon in a Kia Soul but still only need to put fuel in it every 45 days.
  15. Fx4 + 4k tow vs Tremor

    Mav, where do you live / what terrain do you go in that you believe that ground clearance is so much more important traction? The FX4 package is little more than an appearance package. The only reason I would have gotten the FX4 package before the tremor was the tow hooks and the dash. If the...
  16. Fx4 + 4k tow vs Tremor

    I know he's just trolling, but it's fun. Back to actual info, I'm not sure you will able to lift much if any on a tremor. There's a limit to what a cv axles can handle and being that ford already beefed up the tremor half shafts I'm guessing we are there or real close. Ford didn't make whole...
  17. Fx4 + 4k tow vs Tremor

    You're right, I was incorrect. A 2023 has 11 inches. I posted incorrect info, I apologize. Anything coming with more isn't a standard RZR. It has other packages to make it more capable, you know like Ford did with the Tremor. Your and You're are both correct spellings, but incorrect grammar...
  18. Fx4 + 4k tow vs Tremor

    Your really making yourself look more and more like a fool.
  19. Fx4 + 4k tow vs Tremor

    There's the issue. I like that guys videos and I watched all his Maverick stuff but his test course was the only I recall him going on anything other then county roads with it. Many of us drive those exact roads daily or at least a few time a week all winter to access hunting spots. I didn't...
  20. Fx4 + 4k tow vs Tremor

    Low range would be great but other than in crawling situations, it does little to help ability. It just removes the ability finesse some stuff. Ground clearance on the Maverick isn't near as bad as most try to make it sound. You realize a Dana 60 axle only has around 12 inches of clearance on...