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  1. Oh, Carmax...

    How much can I get now for XLT?
  2. Is There No One Else?

    We all know that if Toyota came out with one at the same time, it'll be a different story for the Maverick. I know it sounds like I'm hating but I just wish Ford made the Maverick a little bit more polished like their trucks quality wise. I mean Ford is widely known for their trucks so why make...
  3. Is There No One Else?

    I'm talking about right now. Nothing's like the Ford Maverick. There's tons of CUVs in the same class, SUVs, etc etc... Why not more small hybrid trucks from other companies? It'll be game over for the Maverick if Toyota made one. We're only tolerating this garbage because we are all riding on...
  4. Can't take delivery due to side curtain airbag recall

    Be honest guys, is this truck going to last a long time or will it be just headaches after headaches? Should I just get rid of it now while the value is still high?
  5. Is There No One Else?

    I'm surprise no other companies are making something similar to the Maverick. Maybe they think it'll be an epic failure. Or that this hybrid ship has sailed and it's all about the EVs
  6. Once in a lifetime Maverick Order issue

    Take delivery of the Transit but tell them you'll pay Maverick price, the one that's on paper. It's their mistake so let them eat the cost. Sell the Transit and make profit then buy the Maverick cash! Cha-ching!!!
  7. Bed Top Tent Installed

    Is it full time living on your truck bed or do you take it down? How about the weight limit on the cross bars and the rails? How did you install the rails?
  8. Bed Top Tent Installed

    Can we get a list of everything involve in your setup? I always thought if you have a tonneau cover, a setup like this is a no go. Also, aside from mpg hit, what issues I might run into if I did this to my hybrid?
  9. Please talk me down…

    Keep yout cool. Stay off the ledge and instead, stay on the edge!
  10. My XL With Mods

    Just remote start it from time to time.
  11. Hybrid shudder recall

    I mean what's the point of owning the hybrid if we're plagued with all theses issues that are setup to fail from the beginning? First of its kind. Hybrid pick up truck with a low starting price. But it shudders, the battery loses charge, airbag curtain issues, this and that, etc..etc.. I'm at...
  12. Switching To Long McArthur.... Which Salesman Should I Request?

    When will I get a private offer? Never received any email from Ford
  13. Switching To Long McArthur.... Which Salesman Should I Request?

    Somebody recommended Villa Ford to me before and I made my other reservation through them. But like you, no communications even to this point where we have to convert our orders to my23. I am cancelling my order with them but I just want to make sure they don't get my truck either. I don't...
  14. Cancelling a 2022 order

    I had a very interesting talk with a Ford customer service rep about my22 order. She said that if I do want to keep the truck then I must telo my dealer to transition it to my23. I understand that part. However, when I asked what would happen if I decide to cancel it, she said the dealership...
  15. Cancelling a 2022 order

    Can I use that as a bargaining chip or maybe a way to get money from the dealership without taking delivery?
  16. Cancelling a 2022 order

    Ok stay with me here. I know it's a cardinal sin here to cancel an existing order due to the fact that you would be essentially giving away potential profits to the dealership whom would keep the order and mark it up thousands of dollars over! My question is, given the situation of the upcoming...