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  1. Van version or longbed. What do you think.

    I don't need a longer bed necessarily, but I don't need the super crew cab either. Same vehicle with an extended cab instead of a crew cab would be my ideal choice. I don't intend to use the rear seats often, but will occasionally use them. Smaller vehicles are usually more fun to drive...
  2. How many of you ordered a Maverick without even test driving it?

    Yes, I remember that leak. Was thrilled to finally have something concrete about a new small truck coming to market. I saw that while regularly following the news for a VW concept that looked like a station wagon with a mid gate and a bed. You essentially had a 6' bed on that with the back...
  3. Maverick competitors: What will you be cross-shopping?

    If money wasn't an issue, it's the Rivian for me, for sure. Other than the Rivian, the only trucks that compete don't really exist yet, or are potentially just vaporware. Nothing on the market directly competes with the Maverick at this price point. Or rather, no truck. The biggest...
  4. Maverick competitors: What will you be cross-shopping?

    The fact they don't have a concrete model built does lend credence that they could be vaporware, or further away than they claim for release. They do let you pre-reserve without putting money down though. Which, would think if purely a scam they would be taking money.
  5. Maverick competitors: What will you be cross-shopping?

    Necroposting a little here as this thread hasn't been active in a while, but curious if anyone has heard anything about the Wolf lately. I think back in January they were talking about a release late 2023. If the prices haven't changed, with the $7500 federal rebate, the Alpha Motors Wolf will...
  6. Dealer claims that 2023 Hybrid orders just placed will not be filled this model year

    I was order 15 of 9 at my local dealership, so if order position matters, I'm out of luck. (Tried to place order first day with Chapman but they said they were busy with rollovers to give them two days... I gave up on them the day order banks closed and went local... They did respond to me a...
  7. Maverick vs Ranger Lightning

    Me too... And Ford has registered the name Maverick Lightening, so it is probably coming eventually, maybe a year or two after whenever they release the Ranger.
  8. Humor me with your Maverick's Names / Nicknames

    Don't have my truck yet, but just to share, my little Blue Honda Fit is called "the CARDIS" (doctor who reference to TARDIS... Because it's bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside... And it's blue)
  9. Humor me with your Maverick's Names / Nicknames

    Titch and Wiley... So together they're titchy willy? / Sorry couldn't resist. // Fellow Englishman... Chester.
  10. Maverick vs Ranger Lightning

    They'll have higher car payments, hopefully offset by not having to fill up their car each week... But yes, it will hit poor people hard in another way too, people will probably start selling their EVs to get new models once the batteries start to decay. Poor people will end up getting stuck...
  11. Maverick vs Ranger Lightning

    Unfortunately that might never happen. They'll probably ban new ICE vehicles before EV matches them in price. ☹️
  12. Maverick vs Ranger Lightning

    For those of us who placed orders for MY2023 that don't think we will be built and get rolled over into MY24, Would you consider a Ranger Lightening instead? Not much is known about it yet, might come out as '24 or a '25 model year. If it comes out as a '24 model year, it might be tempting to...
  13. Ford WILL NOT Price Protect 2023 orders that might carry over to 2024

    Well rollovers are supposed to get first priority... So it would really suck if someone gets rolled over twice.
  14. The Autopian Review - Every Argument I Made To Trade Our Crossover For A Ford Maverick

    Subarus generally have good reliability, until 100k miles and then a lot have expensive engine repair issues. We tend to keep our vehicles until they die so didn't want to buy a Subaru knowing we would end up selling it at 80k miles to get out before the engine issues.
  15. Ford WILL NOT Price Protect 2023 orders that might carry over to 2024

    They didn't price protect people that got rolled over from 22 to 23 either. But they did give them a rebate on the 23 and for many people they ended up paying less with the rebate.
  16. Elephant in room: Around 80% of orders are Hybrids.

    I think some of it is just trying to push people to XLT. I imagine the profit for an XL is non existent, it's only there so they can say "starting at ...". They don't intend to sell many XL, they want to push people to the XLT and Lariat so they can make a little profit. Get people in the...
  17. What color did you order for your 2023 Maverick?

    Yes. I'm thinking less than 50% chance I'll get my Maverick as a MY2023 and I doubt Cyber Orange will still be around for MY2024. Broncos lost Cyber Orange and got Yellowstone instead... Which looks like a matte version of Cyber Orange a little more to the yellow side. I'm assuming Mavs will...
  18. Elephant in room: Around 80% of orders are Hybrids.

    I think more people have had Yeti sightings than Maverick sightings. I won't believe Mavericks really exist until I'm sitting in one. Until then, I'm just going to ride piggyback on my pet Yeti to work each morning.
  19. Elephant in room: Around 80% of orders are Hybrids.

    Hybrid is major reason I went with Maverick. If Maverick didn't have the hybrid, or charged extra for the hybrid, I would have got a Honda Civic so I could keep driving a manual transmission. If they only had Ecoboost, would have been a pass from me.
  20. What color did you order for your 2023 Maverick?

    I think from an aesthetic standpoint I like Hot Pepper Red slightly more but went with CO for two reasons: 1) Safety. Most visible color. 2) Almost no one around here has that color car or close to it. I always forget where I park; I need all the help I can to find my car... Now I'll just...