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  1. July 1st 2021 order confirmation.

    I finally received my scheduled for production email!!! June 20th. Hybrid XLT luxury spray in bed liner sliding rear window shadow black. I’ve hardly even been paying attention to this board or any maverick news the last couple months. Just makes me frustrated. So stoked to finally have good...
  2. Statistics of those who are still waiting

    July 1st order confirmation hybrid XLT luxury. If I don’t get email tomorrow then I begin seriously looking at other vehicles
  3. 📬 9/16 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    Wow another shadow black. So few of us. I ordered a hybrid XLT luxury but at this point I’m concerned I won’t get it this year. I wonder if they’d sell to me without a markup? Yours is a bit more $$ but probably worth it
  4. 📬 9/16 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    I drive by landmark Ford occasionally for work. What’s the build? Ha just saw you posted the sticker. I wanted a hybrid but this looks good
  5. Maverick interior bed height measurement?

    Just for another size comparison I put a 2x4 across my 99 rangers bed and the depth is 15 3/4
  6. Will Maverick be delayed?

    Nope. I would ask my dealer if they offer something like that. But hopefully it won’t come to that
  7. Will Maverick be delayed?

    I need to update my list of midnight edition frontiers near me. Not as many as there were a few months ago that’s for sure. I still have concerns my ol ranger won’t make it till Maverick and I dislike every other new truck out there. The hybrid Maverick appears to be bout perfect for me but...
  8. How many times have you changed your order?

    Only change was deleting mud flaps My initial thoughts were for the awd but after really thinking bout my needs the hybrid was the proper choice
  9. Already being built

    That’s a lot of great info. It’s amazing to me the amount of lies he said in a two minute conversation all sandwiched by ‘we’re a customer service oriented business, anything we can do to make you happy’ Ugh
  10. Already being built

    So I just got off the phone with Damerow Ford in Oregon to cancel my order. I found another dealer selling at msrp and got a Ford confirmation immediately. Which I never received from Damerow and they had a mark up. They tried to keep me from canceling and even said that it’s 2 weeks into...
  11. Any recommendations for honest/easy to work with dealer in Portland OR area?

    Ya just MSRP. No incentive talk. He asked if I had any concerns or questions about financing and all I said was I’m comfortable and figured we would work it out when it gets here. We left it at that.
  12. Any recommendations for honest/easy to work with dealer in Portland OR area?

    I just ordered from Dave at Gresham Ford. Super easy. We exchanged a few emails and after submitting a reservation and a couple more emails I got my confirmation from Ford. He was straight forward with his communication. No deposit. No markup. I got the runaround from multiple dealers so I’m...
  13. Oregon

    After getting the run around from various dealers I got in contact with Dave at Gresham Ford. And after a few emails I submitted my reservation and received the confirmation from Ford within minutes. No deposit, no mark up, no bs.
  14. Order Confirmation Email?

    I've spoken with multiple dealers around Portland and so far they all say that order banks aren't open yet. my patience is running out with my current order. They assure me its all good. None of them have given me an actual answer when i bring up all the confirmations others have received
  15. 📊 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    that is what has been bothering me. I’ve wasted a lot of time so far with a few dealers. Might make a few more local calls or look into one of the out of state deliveries that seem to be popular on here.
  16. 📊 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    finally added mine to the list. ordered 2 weeks ago and still no email from ford, which makes me a lil nervous. Dealer has confirmed multiple times that its all good. black hybrid xlt
  17. Ford Bed Cap [Snug Top Sport] Spotted on 2022 Maverick During Testing

    never had a topper before and living in oregon if it’s not mostly rain tight then I have no need. My life is made up of dust and grime.
  18. Ford Bed Cap [Snug Top Sport] Spotted on 2022 Maverick During Testing

    Since there’s no space like a traditional truck could it be water tight against the cab? Looks like a trench where it meets the cab for rain to gather. And leak into the bed.
  19. 2022 Ford Maverick Already Has 36,000 Reservations

    Ha. I did two online and a third at a dealer who supposedly put in the order. Still haven’t received confirmation from Ford. I call them everyday
  20. SHADOW BLACK Maverick Club

    When I was looking at frontiers the gun metal grey midnight edition really looked awesome. But for the maverick black just felt proper. Will probably black out the Ford emblem as well