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  1. im putting my order in tomorrow 06/05

    While it hasn't yet gotten super hot in the north east, so far the combination of a power rear sliding window (Lariat Lux) plus sunroof has been quite nice. Put the sunroof in the "tilt" position and open the rear slider -> nice airflow w/o having to have windows opened w/a lot of noise...
  2. Anyone Regret not Getting the Bronco Sport ?

    I bought one of each. 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands (2.0L EB) 2022 Maverick Hybrid Lariat Lux Both are nice. I don't get to drive the Bronco Sport as much as I want as my son seems to have commandeered it. That's ok, because I'm digging getting 41 MPG average in the Hybrid, and also have a...
  3. Ford Credit Account Number

    So, I already have a Ford Finance account (for the Bronco Sport in my avatar - which I guess I should change?) Anyway, I was able to add the new vehicle w/o having the account # as Ford Finance had already tied it to my existing account. Nothing like two huge car payments (as I went 0% 36...
  4. Front License Plate or No Front License Plate?

    Do you have a parts list for this? Thanks!
  5. Question Regarding Private Cash Offers, Farm Bureau Cash & Order-Date Protected Financing???

    I ran into that problem. I had a $750 PCO issued early this year. If the dealer (chapman) selected the order date to get price protection and the original financing offer, the PCO was not in Smart Vincent. if they selected the sale date then the PCO showed up but no price protection. So I had...
  6. How far can your Maverick hybrid go on one tank of gas

    Initial tank approximately 602 w/20-30 miles to empty.
  7. Floor Mat Options for Hybrids?

    Laser measured front mats, correct?
  8. Hypermiling Challenge for 2.5L Hybrid

    First fill-up. A couple notes: 1) The truck was full when I picked it up from the Dealer, but I did not fill it. Trip 2 represents miles from the Dealer in PA back up to upstate NY via highways but not (mostly) the interstate. Instead, I did "avoid toll roads" routing because I had forgotten...
  9. Asked for price protection got called difficult and asked to leave.

    I believe Texas is a one party consent state, so the other party does not have to consent.
  10. Buyer Dropped Out, XLT 4K FX4 Lux Good Pricing?

    Heck, for a $7K mark up over my sticker I might sell you my Lariat Lux CP360 Sunroof Hybrid w/only 600 miles on it. Unfortunately for you, I live in NY not TX.
  11. Maverick Has Arrived. Chapman Ford Horsam Goes Full Scumbag

    I did not have a signed purchase order. Nor did Chapman have my drivers license or other verification information, other than my name, email address, phone, and address which I had sent to Chapman (but which they didn't request). I did to the online Ford reservation with them as the dealer...
  12. Maverick Has Arrived. Chapman Ford Horsam Goes Full Scumbag

    Yes. I wasn't going to, but free money is free money. I was really surprised Ford approved the financing as I also fully financed my early December Bronco Sport Badlands (also 36 month 0%). My monthly on the BS Badlands is $1005, and $920 on the Maverick. OUCH. The good news is that I...
  13. Maverick Has Arrived. Chapman Ford Horsam Goes Full Scumbag

    I ordered from Chapman in June, modified my order early July, and did no changes afterwards. Chapman honored the ORIGINAL invoice pricing minus 4% and I was able to also get the original Ford financing offer (0% for 36 months). Honoring the original deal vs. Ford's December price increase...
  14. How far can your Maverick hybrid go on one tank of gas

    Still working on the initial tank from when I picked it up from the dealer. Drove from PA to upstate NY on "back" highways, so usually under 65. I will update this post when I get gas, right now about 525 mile since I picked it up at the dealer w/87 miles to empty. I must admit, having the...
  15. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Club

    Home after maiden trip from Horsham to upstate NY. A bit dirty, but still looking good.
  16. Chapman Ford Price Protection - any recent Chapman purchases care to chime in?

    Just wanted to post here as I picked up my Maverick from Chapman Horsham yesterday. I am happy to report they honored the original invoice price. In my case, a Lariat Lux + sunroof + CP 360, the Ford price increase was over $1000, so honoring the original deal was significant. I was also able...
  17. Finally Built

    Now the proud owner of a Maverick! Finally was able to pick up my Maverick Lariat Hybrid late today. First impressions are great - very similar to the Bronco Sport in terms of interior layout (with the exception of where the push button start is - ugh). Seats are comfortable, sight lines...
  18. Got my truck back from the graphics place. Love it

    Looks nice, but I found it interesting that there is no area code.
  19. 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat Parked Next to Ford Bronco Sport

    I have one (see my avatar) and should be getting my Maverick in a week. I will post a comparison of driving the two of them when I get a chance. The BS is a Badlands, so it has the 2.0L EB (and is AWD as is all Bronco Sports). The Maverick is a hybrid, so FWD. The Maverick is a Lariat Trim...