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  1. Retrofitting future Infotainment into 22/23 Maverick

    I agree--Better to have the base system vs sync in your instance, I think.
  2. The Autopian Review - Every Argument I Made To Trade Our Crossover For A Ford Maverick

    I did not realize this is where these folks ended up. Glad I stopped by the forum tonight while this thread was bumped to the top
  3. Coaxial Speakers or Component Speaker System

    Just curious, why is this higher on your list of "want to get" than the others you mentioned? Due to ease of install? If so, I feel like ordering from crutchfield kind of resolves that, since they will send you the mounting brackets and wiring harnesses for free. Is it because of sound fidelity...
  4. Tailgate tie down anchors / hooks that work with Tailgate Assist strut -- installed pics

    Mine isn't totally level, either. To me, it is most noticable when I'm closing the tailgate and one side meets up with the bed, whilst the other side still has like a eighth inch or greater gap lol.
  5. Tailgate tie down anchors / hooks that work with Tailgate Assist strut -- installed pics

    Yeah, the name "tailgate assist" is kind of a misnomer... They should just call it a damper. I just installed the deezee product last weekend and it is one of the best things I've done to this truck so far. I absolutely would not hesitate to spend that $40 again or recommend it to other owners...
  6. Maverick Hybrid brake system grabbing and/or rough engagement at low speeds

    I always turn my AC off several minutes prior to arriving at my destination in the interest of preserving my AC components (or maybe a vestigial belief that this is still necessary idk), and I still experience this issue when pulling into parking stalls.
  7. Maverick Hybrid brake system grabbing and/or rough engagement at low speeds

    I have had this issue between a half dozen and ten times over 1600 or so mostly city miles. As above, it happens when pulling into a parking stall (nose first) or creeping to a stop sign. Most of my driving is in eco and I at one point stopped using it in order to try to avoid the problem...
  8. Anyone try Tidal Music? Sound quality Way above Spotify.

    Tidal and their "music origami" or whatever is so eye roll. .. But also, you're right that Spotify is pretty garbage. Amazon music unlimited HD is what I use and would recommend that. They are pretty affordable, have a pretty good library (including enough kpop lol), and I believe they also...
  9. Do I have recourse?

    OP: "thanks everyone, case closed" MTC: [3 more pages of replies and counting] 😭
  10. I've had better nights! Maverick hit @ 1K miles 😔

    IAAL, licensed for fifteen years. and while I do not practice in the auto accident field, (and none of this should be construed as legal advice) here's my hot take: assuming this occurred in anytown, USA, if I represented OP, he wins; if I represented jeep, she wins. If this happened in my...
  11. May 2022 Car and Driver issue has Maverick article w/ comparison against Civic [tested numbers]

    I came here to say this, lol. Glad someone raised this. Also I like the comparison and it was literally the choice I was most torn by. For slightly more than what I paid for my XLT hybrid, I could've ended up in a (much, much nicer) turbo civic hatchback... But the Maverick fit my needs so much...
  12. Fun pauses after a month :(

    Awesome! I grew up driving Hondas, including a CRX which I ran in CSP, so miatas were always kind of my "enemy"... but vehicle availability, parts availability, and how good I must admit the platform is have convinced me it is probably the right way to go lol
  13. Is it worth having Tailgate Assist Strut? Is it worth having Hood Assist Struts from MRT?

    I am waiting for tailgate assist strut to come back in stock so that I don't need to worry about my preschooler getting hurt somehow. fifty bucks to avoid a bad situation sounds like a great deal to me
  14. Audio Alerts on Android Will Not Play When Connected Via Bluetooth

    It might be are on different systems because my XLT does not have sync as I understand it, but rather "Ford connected touch radio" or some such. Anyway, when I do not plug in my phone via USB, I get the notification that says my phone is connected via Fordpass. In this scenario, if I get like a...
  15. Audio Alerts on Android Will Not Play When Connected Via Bluetooth

    My alerts play on my xlt when I do not have my pixel 5a plugged in but phone is connected wirelessly to truck via Fordpass, so try that? The connection is automatic and gets overridden by Android auto when I do plug in. Good luck
  16. Budget stock Audio upgrades (XL) - plan, research, options and experimentation

    Not exactly on point with regards to this conversation on the LC2i, but I figure it may help someone, so I'll leave this here:
  17. Fun pauses after a month :(

    I am showing my wife all of these broken Maverick posts to convince her a) what a POS my truck is that b) I need a project Miata or something quick so I can have transportation if [read: when] this truck breaks. Bc of course my project race car will run perfectly all the time no matter what.
  18. "Cute" "Little" truck?

    This thread needs pictures, so here's me parked next to a second gen, non pre-runner Tacoma double cab (4 door)