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  1. Maverick 2.0L EcoBoost Engine Sound Clip

    Wheres the engine cover! Doesn't Ford put them on the cars anymore.
  2. First Edition Ford Maverick First Sighting! [Pics & Video] 🔥

    I don't care for the door codes on the driver piller. On the Mach e the numbers are hidden and they light up upon touch.
  3. Ford Maverick HYBRID revealed in teaser image!

    My Ford C Max Hybrid is awesome. Long time average MPG is 45.7 for both city and highway.
  4. Maverick Hybrid Confirmed

    I would like to see just a Hybrid option, not plug in. I have a 2014 Cmax and my overall MPG is 44, which includes driving in winter and summer. From what I understand there is no tax incentive for just the hybrid model.
  5. Maverick Raptor! How We Imagine It

    Where do I order a FE Maverick Raptor? I want it now!
  6. Common problems - Are you concerned?

    I would like to see a dual exhaust option.
  7. Current Daily Drivers

    Its simply awesome. It has so much torque it pushes you back in the seat. Its also very quiet and high tech.
  8. Ordering a Maverick...

    A dealer by me is adding ADM to all their Broncos''s.
  9. Fitting 33’s on a Maverick

    How about lowering the Maverick.
  10. What color is your Maverick?

    Rapid Red to match my Mach e.