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  1. Bronze powdercoated factory OEM wheels [now with 2" lift kit & tires upgrade]

    That is a really nice looking set of wheels. Well done.
  2. Why do so many gear heads HATE the maverick....?

    Haters gonna hate….
  3. Tailgate soft close fix

    This forum is great. Glad you’ve got it on now.
  4. Tailgate soft close fix

    Take the T nut off and clean ALL the blue thread locker (solid) off So the nut can turn freely. Apply new blue thread locker (liquid) Then try again after getting the nut close to the bracket and be sure to pull out on the bolt once it turns into position. The hardened locker is the problem...
  5. Backseat rattle

    The latch itself on the back of the cab. I placed a shim under to make closing easier and more secure. Tightened up again and I will see what happens. It made the noise only on a secondary road and I haven’t checked it yet.
  6. Backseat rattle

    This startEd on mine yesterday! The seat latch adjustment will get checked first thing in the am. I had to adjust it few months ago and it may have slipped. Love this forum!
  7. I Acted like an A$$H0L3 today - minor fender bender

    That’s some good karma for you, a tough way to get it it though.
  8. Is this a Maverick?

    If you ever have some spare time around the summer holidays hang out around a large, busy boat ramp. I’ve have seen more people loose their ****, more couples get in fights and families break into cussing matches than any place else! Saw a woman get sick of her husband’s loud, abusive, and very...
  9. Is this a Maverick?

    Just start the boat up and push it back out!
  10. Nightmare with Delivery of my Hybrid XLT...I'm very upset...

    Wow! Just Wow!……. I really feel for you dealing with a mess like this. Not sure what i would do but I’m sure I’d start making detailed notes cause it looks like it could get to the lemon status real quick. Good luck!
  11. Frame for window sticker

    Thanks for posting this. My wall does have a bare spot.
  12. One Year Later, No Maverick. So Annoyed

    Waited for 25 weeks for mine. BUT, I didn’t get conflicting messages like you and others have so I can appreciate your frustration . Hope it gets to a happier place for y’all real soon .:geek:
  13. One Year Later, No Maverick. So Annoyed

    You buys your ticket, you takes your ride….. hang on, patience should be easier at this point.
  14. My first scratches...ugh

    I suggest you get on Youtube and spend some time watching how tos on scratch repair using factory touch up paint and see if you might be comfortable to do the paint repair yourself. It’s a great skill to learn and even if you screw it up you can still get a pro to do it. Unfortunate that there...
  15. Oil Change Mystery!

    Checking oil with fill ups it always read high. I figured it would be different with an oil change. Filter and 5.5 qts added and dipstick looks high the same amount as it was from factory. I know what I put in and what’s it supposed to be so Im just gonna read the dipstick as correct. Its...
  16. Dragon flies

    Be sure to take time to admire them. They are one of the most efficient predators on the planet!
  17. Homemade tonneau cover

    I really like the look 👀 of the white. Great idea and execution.
  18. Good comic!

    I feel bad for joe average at the dealership, but the dealers brought this on them selves. They didn’t learn a thing from the Saturns…..Should have at least read some of the writing on the wall!
  19. Maverick size, not manly?

    They are growers, not showers!
  20. Budget Budget stereo mods

    I’m going to imagine I’m getting the five minutes back that I just pretty much wasted reading this post!