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  1. Feel like a Kid @ the Maverick

    I am 64 and have owned over a hundred cars in my life, most brand new and some very expensive vehicles. Here I catch myself (with a $30k mini-truck), going outside to just look at my Maverick! At night, I open the door just to have the interior lights on to gawk! I am in love with this thing, it...

    Picked her up tokay! Ordered on June 9th. XLT, AWD, LUXERY, 4K, ALTO BLUE FULL SIZE SPARE When arrived at dealership, 3 people were all checking her out! On way home, three cars came up and gave me the thumbs up! Awesome ride and frankly, exceeded my expectations! Could not be happier! (Pics...
  3. Ford Edge with 2.0

    A good friend of mine just let me drive her new Ford Edge with the 2.0 ecoboost. Quite impressive power for such a small displacement and the Edge is probably heavier vehicle than the Mav. She is averaging 28.1 mpg city and (backwoods hywy) combined. Very satisfied.
  4. Key Chain

    Now I await the Alto Blue Mav's Key to attach.
  5. Rival Dad with Honda Ridgeline

    Told a rival Dad that owns a Honda Ridgeline that he can borrow a real truck anytime when my Maverick arrives.
  6. New Maverick Owners Thinking What Mods Could Be Created

    All the posts about “what mods can we do” nullifying their warrantee immediately
  7. I just feel jinxed and do not get it on the scheduling

    I ordered on JUNE 9, details are below. Just called the Ford call center and STILL listed "Scheduled for Processing" I see others that have reserved and ordered just a COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO that are now have a build date. MAKES NO SENSE.......This SUCKS
  8. 2.0 average mpg

    My friend just bought an Edge with the 2.0. She lives in MO hilly backwoods wine country and I just checked her average mpg and it is 25.5 mpg. I will not be disappointed with that average. My (ex) Caddy SRX was averaging only 17-18 mpg.
  9. My look today at Maverick Lariat 2.0L EcoBoost AWD - shows 29.3 MPG on board computer

    I was invited to Pundmann Ford training in St. Charles, MO today. As others have stated, I was pleasantly surprised on internal size, quality, and functionality. I must say the only negative is that my water bottle is very tight in the front but not the back as pics show. The trainer said he...
  10. Dealer Training Maverick Demo This Friday

    So I have been invited to join the Ford rep training this Friday with a pre-production model and no demo rides will be allowed. Curious if the dealers on this site that already had the training asked “what is the difference of this truck vs the production model?” (I know I am going to ask)
  11. Accessories already purchased for your Maverick?

    OK, so yes, I am excited about my new truck. Ordered on June 8th, but no, haven't gotten the confirmed schedule date yet, but it will come. What I DO have already is gifts/purchases accessories. So far: Water Bottle Hitch (Ford) cover 8' Black Plastic 2' x 4' board for Flexbed License plate...
  12. Be Patient Please

    I know everyone is excited to get the Ford indication that their truck is on the way. I am in a few Mav sites and almost every other post is now: "did anyone get an email yet?" If you have a confirmed order from Ford, you will get your truck scheduled soon.
  13. Dealer Maverick Demo Aug 3 in St. Charles, Missouri

    I met with my dealer in St. Charles MO today. He stated the Ford rep is bringing a Maverick for the training of the staff on the first week of August. He invited me to attend as I was the first to order a Maverick at his store. They have ordered 39 as of today, supposedly No.! dealer in StL area...
  14. Sell existing vehicle now before delivery?

    I wanted to start this thread to see how many have decided to take advantage of the current trend of pricing to sell your existing vehicle. We all know the used car market now is insane. I am more fortunate than others as I have another couple of vehicles, (wife's car and motorcycle), to use...
  15. Confirmation of Ordered Date - when did you receive yours?

    For fun, since scheduling is VERY soon, curious how early everyone received the confirmed orders from Ford. Who is earlier than me? YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN CONFIRMED Wednesday, June 9, 2021 2:04 PM
  16. How did you hear about the Maverick?

    I live in the MidWest and as of yet, have not seen one network ad. Yes, saw it on YouTube, but not tv. I originally heard (November of last year) about the Mav from my Sister who worked for Ford Corporate and leaked it out to me, knowing I love the small trucks. I am old school and do not do any...
  17. Hurry up Ford!

    Now I hope there are no delays. Just sold my Caddy SRX tonight! Got $2k over retail value! Luckily, wife has a car and I have a motorcycle as well. HURRY UP FORD! I NEED MY NEW TRUCK! (The used car market is at its peak now, had to sell early. Once the dealers start getting in their new stock...
  18. FlexBed Accessory Ideas

    I plan on using the FlexBed to its full potential. I have ordered an 8' long plastic rubber 2 X 4 board to cut for the bed. This is a specially made board that takes a while to arrive, (end of August delivery) I thought this would be extra protection of the bed itself as well as my loads. Here...
  19. Cubby Hole Dimension (Ruler Measurements!)

    Favor to whomever: If you can see one (live) at a show or whatever, could you please get the dimension of the cubby (next to the display screen)? I have a couple of ideas to utilize with my 3D printer. Updated with dimensions / measurements by @Delzona
  20. Accessories

    OK, yes, I am excited to receive my new Alto Blue mini truck. Just had this custom aluminum bottle made for my door.