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  1. Hybrid Harness TSB 22-2340 (no crank / no start) with impacted dates: Mavericks built on or Before May 13, 2022

    You probably already qualify for a buyback. Under Florida lemon laws its 15 total days in the shop or 3 attempts at fixing it.
  2. Calendar Year vs. Model Year

    I ordered my 2022 almost 11 months ago. Currently scheduled to be built in November. It won’t arrive at my dealer until 2023. I’m disappointed it will be “old” already but I definitely didn’t want to wait in line all over again.
  3. For those that just ordered here is what over a year of waiting looks like.

    what is that sheet called? I want to ask my salesman for one when I get closer to production.
  4. The Autopian Review - Every Argument I Made To Trade Our Crossover For A Ford Maverick

    I’ve been driving a 2020 Outback for a few months and while it’s fantastic as a largeish new car, especially compared to my old 2003 taurus daily. It’s terrible in that it gets ~26mpg (same as the 20y/o Taurus) with mostly highway use, start/stop is annoying as it lurches back to life and...
  5. How long before I can track my order?

    Took me 10 months and all it shows is “order processing“ with a little over a month to my production week.
  6. Spray In Bed Liner on Early XLT Lux Orders

    I ordered 11/02 and my order sheet showed SIBL. I’m scheduled for build week 10/31 with a vin so I can finally look at the ford tracker. It shows DIBL which is a bummer if true.
  7. Will all ‘22 orders with VINs be built?

    I‘m scheduled 10/31 week too. B096xx
  8. Whats your build date?

    Build week 10/31, XLT hybrid lux
  9. November Hybrid Orders United

    My 11/02 order date Hybrid is scheduled for 10/31! Ford chat gave me a VIN, finally I’m able to see specs for my order and it now shows drop in bed liner instead of spray in. I thought I had squeaked by with spray in bed liner Lux package as my build sheet has it listed but oh well. All the...
  10. Velocity Blue Orders Scheduled

    I checked with my dealer today, said I was scheduled for 11/21. I chatted with Ford and they said 10/31 and gave me a B09xxx VIN. The tracking site won’t take my order number but I’m optimistic. . . should have it sometime around New Years.
  11. 2023 Maverick New Colors: Atlas Blue, Avalanche Gray

    Going to go back to my first choice, Iconic Silver, now that Velocity Blue is gone. Atlas is too dark for me, Alto is way too dark. I’d like a Blue Flame from ~2010, that was a good blue and Velocity Blue seemed pretty close.
  12. Making a DIY Strut Bar for the Ford Maverick

    Duplicolor has oxford white in a spray can. Looks good but I would lose the Ford Performance sticker, it’s not a Ford Performance part, cheapens the whole deal.
  13. 1st time 4wheel towing

    On the XLT do you have to leave the key in the ignition?
  14. Painted or dipped Lariat wheels

    This one was on here a while back, I can’t find the thread though
  15. Van version or longbed. What do you think.

    The next gen US Transit Connect will be built at the same factory on the same platform. So van it is. . .
  16. The Jurassic Maverick

    I like the spirit, but the silver/blue scheme is supposed to have a plain t-Rex head logo without Jurassic World text.
  17. ⏱ Maverick Scheduling Next Week (4/25) For Production Build Weeks 5/30 – 6/20

    What‘s the deal with the Escapes? Are they just fully scheduled or what?
  18. Aftermarket trailer hitch?

    Good info in this thread.